Colombia: 1990-2016 Historical Data now available

The Chevrolet Aveo was #1 in Colombia from 2006 to 2011.

Historical Data spanning the past 25 years is now available for Colombia on BestSellingCarsBlog. A Chevrolet has led the models ranking in the country every single year since 2002 (Corsa, Aveo then Sail) except in 2012 when the Renault Sandero topped the sales charts. You will find below the links to the annual articles:

Colombia 1990-1998: Chevrolet, Mazda and Daewoo most popular

Colombia 2002-2005: Chevrolet Corsa comfortable leader

Colombia 2006: Chevrolet Aveo takes the lead, Logan #5

Colombia 2007-2009: Aveo & Spark strong, Logan & Sandero grow

Colombia 2010: Chevrolet Aveo & Spark in command

Colombia 2011: Old gen Chevrolet Aveo keeps the lead

Colombia 2012: Renault Sandero snaps up top spot

Colombia 2013: Chevrolet Sail takes the lead

Colombia 2014: Chevrolet Sail tops record market

Colombia 2015: Chevrolet Sail #1, Renault gains two points share

Colombia 2016: Renault keeps strong momentum, places Sandero #1

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