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Europe July 2023: VW T-Roc signs third ever win, market up 16.5%

The VW T-Roc is the most popular vehicle in Europe in July.

4/09 update: Now with Top 83 All brands and Top 456 All models.

The European new car market (28 countries) shines in July at +16.5% to 1,018,403 units. This marks 12 consecutive months of year-on-year gains. The year-to-date tally is now up 19.2% to 7,581,537. In the brands ranking, Volkswagen (+11%) can’t quite match the market growth but stays ultra dominant at 11.1% share. Toyota (+4.8%) returns to the 2nd place it holds year-to-date with an advantage of almost 5,000 sales over #3 Audi (+28.2%), up strongly. Skoda (+26.6%), BMW (+21.4%) and Renault (+31.3%) also score impressive gains below. As a result BMW advances to #4 year-to-date, and Renault is up to #6, bypassing French rival Peugeot (-6.2%) down to #10 for the month. Kia (+19.3%) also stands out in the remainder of the Top 10 while Hyundai (+2.7%) is back inside the Top 10 at #9 vs. #12 year-to-date. Below, Ford (+25.5%), Nissan (+41.9%), Seat (+34%), Volvo (+33.8%), Cupra (+51%), MG (+148.3%) and Tesla (+794.4%) make themselves noticed.

Over in the models ranking, the VW T-Roc (-3.4%) signs its third ever monthly European win after July and August 2022 despite falling year-on-year. It still ranks #3 year-to-date. The Dacia Sandero (+0.7%) is stable in 2nd place and cements its 2nd place so far this year also. The VW Golf (+11.1%) makes a surprising return on the podium for the first time since last October at #3 but is stuck in 9th position YTD. The Renault Clio (+127.9%) compensates for a catastrophic year-ago score and ranks #4 vs. #6 YTD and #11 over the Full Year 2022. The VW Tiguan (+6.6%) is relatively weak at #5 ahead of the Skoda Octavia (+38.1%) in great shape and hitting its highest ranking since last October when it placed #4. The Ford Puma (+87.7%) also impresses at #9 whereas the Peugeot 208 (-16.2%), #1 over the Full Year 2022, is down to a poor 10th place. Still the faraway YTD leader, the Tesla Model Y (+568.1%) falls to #20 for the month.

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