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Europe 1992: New gen VW Golf and Opel Astra on top

VW Golf

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The traditional VW Golf / Opel Kadett battle for the European best-seller title takes a completely different direction in 1992. To improve its chances of putting its star model in the top spot, Opel ditches the Kadett nameplate and launches a totally new model, the Opel Astra, to coincide with the launch of the Golf 3.

Opel Astra

And it works, at least at the start. The Astra starts better than the Golf 3 and even takes the leadership in Germany for a couple of months. In Europe, Golf 3 and Astra figures are neck-to-neck throughout the year but the final ranking, adding 2nd gen sales to the Golf figure, sees the VW keep the top spot with 783,839 sales and 5.8%, with the Opel Astra #2 at 669,371 sales and 5%. The Golf nameplate therefore celebrates its 10th consecutive year atop European sales.

BMW 3 Series

The Ford Escort (incl. Orion) ranks #3 at 613,265 units followed by the Renault Clio gaining 10% to 596,880 sales and passing the Ford Fiesta, down 2% to 581,605 units. The Fiat Uno is #6 with 512,583 sales followed by the Renault 19 and Opel Vectra. Notice the impressive arrival of the BMW 3 Series at #13 with 283,299 units.

The best-selling Japanese model in Europe in 1992 is the Nissan Sunny at #24 with 138,412 sales, ahead of the Toyota Corolla at #25 and 135,887 units and the Nissan Primera at #26 with 134,902 units.

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Full Year 1992 Top 40 Ranking Table below.

Europe Full Year 1992:

1VW Golf782,8005.8%21%648,2004.8%1
2Opel Astra674,8005.0%newn/an/a –
3Renault Clio593,8004.4%10%542,1004.0%3
4Ford Fiesta580,3004.3%-2%594,9004.4%2
5Fiat Uno512,8003.8%-5%539,9004.0%4
6Ford Escort499,4003.7%9%457,8003.4%7
7Renault 19431,9003.2%10%391,6002.9%9
8Opel Vectra418,4003.1%-3%432,3003.2%8
9VW Polo310,4002.3%4%298,8002.2%12
10Peugeot 205309,9002.3%-36%484,6003.6%6
11VW Passat296,9002.2%-16%351,4002.6%10
12Opel Corsa295,1002.2%-13%337,7002.5%11
13BMW 3 series283,4002.1%n/an/an/a –
14Audi 80269,9002.0%42%190,5001.4%19
15Citroen ZX269,9002.0%n/an/an/a –
16Peugeot 405255,8001.9%0%256,6001.9%14
17Peugeot 106244,1001.8%n/an/an/a –
18Fiat Panda242,8001.8%-5%254,9001.9%16
19Citroen AX240,6001.8%-6%255,7001.9%15
20Ford Sierra216,6001.6%-20%269,9002.0%13

Europe 1992 17 countries (Source: L’Argus):

1VW Golf783,839
2Opel Astra669,371
3Ford Escort613,265
4Renault Clio596,880
5Ford Fiesta581,605
6Fiat Uno512,583
7Renault 19428,681
8Opel Vectra413,922
9VW Polo309,642
10Peugeot 205302,845
11VW Passat301,169
12Opel Corsa300,305
13BMW 3 Series283,299
14Citroen ZX271,035
15Audi 80/90268,918
16Peugeot 405259,158
17Peugeot 106249,427
18Fiat Panda237,176
19Citroen AX235,645
20Ford Sierra217,628
21Mercedes 200/300209,277
22Fiat Tipo206,499
23Rover 200/400154,585
24Nissan Sunny138,412
25Toyota Corolla135,887
26Nissan Primera134,902
27BMW 5 Series130,202
28Seat Ibiza129,312
29Seat Toledo127,749
30Fiat Tempra125,306
31Lancia Y10119,054
32Audi 100118,460
33Mazda 323111,789
34Opel Omega110,452
35Honda Civic99,717
36Nissan Micra96,328
37Mazda 62686,198
38Volvo 440/46084,293
39Toyota Carina83,287
40Rover 10082,518
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