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Europe 1993-1994: VW Golf stays on top, Opel Astra #2

VW Golf

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Over the period, the VW Golf gets into its cruising rhythm with monthly European sales figures upwards of 50,000 units and year-end totals at 697,372 in 1993 and 721,004 in 1994. It is followed both years by the Opel Astra at 622,044 units in 1993 and 581,540 in 1994. Launched in November 1993, the Fiat Punto quickly climbs the European sales ranks to establish itself on the podium towards the end of 1994, finishing the year at #4 overall with 467,181 sales.

Opel Astra

The Ford Fiesta stays solid at #4 in 1993 and #3 in 1994 while the Ford Escort drops from #3 in 1993 to #5 in 1994 in spite of stable sales. The Opel Corsa, completely revamped in 1993, progresses to #6 in 1994, passing the Renault Clio. There are a lot of newcomers in the ranking over the period, the most successful being the Fiat Punto (see above), Ford Mondeo (#11 in 1993 and #8 in 1994), Peugeot 306 (#18 in 1993 and #9 in 1994), Mercedes C-Class (#14 in ’94) and Renault Twingo (#15 in ’94).

Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is the best-selling Japanese model in Europe both years at #25 with 135,045 sales in 1993 (+40%) and 138,338 in 1994 (+2%). Other popular nippon models include the Toyota Corolla (#26 in 1993), Nissan Primera (#33 in 1993), Toyota Carina (#33 in 1993) and Honda Civic (#34 in 1994).

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Full Year 1993 and 1994 Top 50 and November 1994 Top 8 Ranking Tables below.

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