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Europe August 2023: Sales up 20.7%, BEVs account for record 21.7% share, Model Y #1

MG sales are up 169.1% year-on-year in August.

01/10 update: Now with JATO Top 90 All brands and Top 458 All models.

28/09 update: Now with JATO Top 25 brands and Top 25 models.

According to preliminary figures by ACEA, the European new car market (EU+EFTA+UK) surges 20.7% year-on-year in August to 904,509 units, leading to a year-to-date tally up 17.9% or almost 1.3 million to 8,516,943.  Germany (+37.3%) delivers the largest gain among the Top 5 markets, followed by the UK (+24.4%), France (+24.3%), Italy (+11.9%) and Spain (+7.8%). Other great performing markets are Bulgaria (+37.8%) and Belgium (+27.3%) whereas all other countries trail the overall market growth, showing that this month’s result is really lifted by Germany. The story of the month is BEVs shooting up 101.6% year-on-year to 196,647 units and a record 21.7% share, the first time it passes the 20% share milestone. This is compared to 13% a year ago in August 2022. YTD BEV sales are up 53.6% to 1,284,920 and 15.1% share vs. 11.6% last year. Meanwhile HEV sales are up 28% for the month to 217,940 and petrol registrations edge up 2.6% to 298,415.

The groups ranking is identical to its YTD order, with the VW Group (+20.5%) matching the market to easily stay on top with over 240,000 sales. Stellantis (+6.3%) underperforms at #2 while the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance leaps up 21.8% to almost 100,000 units. The Toyota Group (+15.4%), BMW Group (+17.9%) and Mercedes (+11.4%) all advance slower than the market while Ford (-2.9%) is even in negative. Tesla (+242.5%) and Volvo (+42%) score the largest gains of the lot.

The Tesla Model Y is easily headed towards the Full Year 2023 pole position

Over in the brands charts Volkswagen (11.7%) significantly trails the market with just under 100,000 units, distancing Toyota (+14.9%) also weaker than the overall growth. In third place, BMW (+22.5%) is in line with the general evolution while Audi (+24.5%) and Skoda (+23.5%) grow faster. Below, Renault (+43.8%) compensates for a particularly weak year-ago result, but at #8 it is at the same level as its YTD position. Mercedes (+11%), Dacia (+5.5%), Peugeot (+4.8%), and Hyundai (+2.5%) are all weak. Further down, Tesla (+242.8%), Cupra (+77.1%) and MG (+169.1%) stand out as usual with Cupra notably outselling sister brand Seat (+44.6%) for the first time this year and second time ever after last December.

Over in the models ranking, the Tesla Model Y (+210.9%) is now virtually assured to end the year in pole position and wins this month by over 5,700 units above the #2, the Peugeot 208 (+4.6%). Leader last month, the VW T-Roc (-4.7%) recedes to third place above the Dacia Sandero (-2.7%) and Fiat 500 (+3.8%). The VW Golf (+12.1%) drops three spots on July to #6 but encouragingly remains in positive while the Opel Corsa (+12.9%) is up 8 to #7. Roaring back up from a dismal year-ago result, the Renault Clio (+143.9%) is however down four ranks on last month to #8. The Citroen C3 (+2.3%) is up 10 to #9 and the Tesla Model 3 (+307.5%) is up a whopping 52 spots to #10, recording its first European Top 10 finish this year.

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