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Media post: When Do You Need The Services of Car Wreckers

Did you know that around 27 million cars worldwide reach the end of their useful life and are recovered for wrecking and recycling?

Proper disposal of end-of-life cars is critical, particularly for the environment. Even with regular maintenance, you may sooner or later have to scrap your vehicle, mainly as those miles accumulate over time.

So, how do you know if your car is ready to be wrecked and recycled?  In this article, we’re sharing four signs indicating you need to call the services of companies like Atlas Auto, one of the best car wreckers Tauranga has to offer.

  1. You Can’t Sell It For Some Time

If you’re considering buying a new car or already have one, you probably want to sell the old one, especially if it starts acting up. But what if no one is interested in your car?

Finding a buyer is slim when you have an older model with significant issues, particularly rusting or malfunctioning parts. If your old car has been on the market for months, even years, and no one has shown interest, your next option is to contact a reputable car wrecker. Most companies pay good money for old cars, especially those that still work. They will gladly accept any car, regardless of its condition.

You can easily find a reliable car wrecker in your area online. For instance, if you live in Rotorua, New Zealand, you can type ‘Car Wreckers Rotorua’ on Google and instantly get a list of potential service providers around the area. Contact and compare their cash offering to find the best deal for your old car.

  1. You Had A Major Car Accident

Sometimes, old and malfunctioning cars aren’t the only ones that need the services of car wreckers. In most cases, cars that have been totaled in a major road traffic accident are best dealt with by car wreckers.

Generally, if your car has been in a significant accident, it’s most likely to be declared a write-off by your insurance company, depending on the severity of the impact. This means that your vehicle is a total loss and that the cost to repair it is more than its value. Typically, your insurance company will deal with getting the car wrecked and scrapped for you.

However, if you don’t have coverage, you must personally call a car wrecker. In certain circumstances, you may try having it repaired. However, if the repair cost is more than its current value and maintaining it, then it’s best to call a car wrecker to have it scrapped and buy another one.

  1. Repairs Are Expensive And More Frequent

Any car will need repairs at one point in its useful life. However, if your vehicle requires frequent repair and is becoming routine over time, you should consider if it’s time to replace it.

Furthermore, older cars may need frequent repair and labor, and replacement parts can become more expensive. There’s even a chance that you won’t find the exact spare parts. Worse, if your car’s model production stops, repairing and servicing the car will also become more expensive, and replacement parts will be more challenging to find.

If you don’t want to stress the sky-high cost of recurring repairs on your deteriorating car, consider calling a car wrecker. You can still get a good amount of money for your vehicle, which you can use as a downpayment for a new car later on.

  1. Your Car Doesn’t Have A Title

For whatever reason you own a car without a title, you know it will be difficult to sell or trade-in car dealerships. Buyers and car dealerships often ask for the car’s title before accepting the vehicle and are often wary of owners who can’t provide a copy.

Car wreckers don’t ask many questions about your car, particularly its title. Generally, they only ask for personal details on the bill of sale, and they’ll gladly tow away your deteriorating vehicle from your property.


Car removal and wrecking services are a thriving industry that helps dispose of junk cars that have already served their purpose. If your vehicle exhibits any of the above signs, it may be time to call the services of a reliable car wrecker in your area.

Whether your car is old, totaled, damaged, or no longer roadworthy, the best car removal and wrecker service can help remove it from your property and properly dispose of it in exchange for a good amount of cash.

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