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Media post: Shopping for a New Vehicle? How to Pick the Sports Car of Your Dreams

Buying a new car can be an exciting, rewarding experience. If you’re like a lot of people, the fear of buying the wrong car, then being stuck with it for years and years, can weigh on you a bit. The good news is that you don’t have to be one of the unlucky shoppers dealing with buyer’s remorse as soon as they leave the dealership.

Rent Before You Buy

Deciding to rent a sports car can be a great way to have some fun for the weekend or impress friends, family, clients, or a date for an outing. Renting is also a smart way to test out a car for more than an hour – which is what you get with most test drive situations – to see if you really want to buy it.

Yes, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for a sports car rental, and fees for each day can be relatively steep. Still, compared to buying a car you don’t really like, renting a vehicle for a few days is a smart option.

If you decide to rent and you’re not sure what you really want, consider booking a package plan where you can try a few different cars. Sometimes you’ll save money by renting a car for a full week or more – even if they’re different cars on different days.

Splurge on a New Sports Car

Many people dream of walking onto a car lot, picking out their favorite model, and driving it off on the spot. If you’ve got an eye for sports cars, doing this is something that might actually be possible if you’ve got the cash. That doesn’t mean it’s the best way to shop for the car of your dreams.

Instead, take the time to visit a few dealerships – even if they sell the same cars! Why? Because dealerships can offer different prices at different times of the month or year. By doing your homework and shopping around, you can save a significant amount of money when buying a new car over simply paying the sticker price.

Remember, sports cars and luxury vehicles tend to depreciate in value as soon as they go off the lot, so spending as little as you can on a car you love is just smart business.

Scour Used Dealerships

Used car dealerships are an excellent place to find sports cars with limited miles at prices that are a little bit better than what you’ll get for a new model. You’ll also be able to find older sports cars and classic models this way, though pricing for classics may not be easy to swallow!

One of the best ways to do this is to visit used car dealerships and leave your name and number with somebody helpful if you’re looking for a particular model. Most used car dealerships rotate stock and have access to a variety of cars. Soon enough, they may have a line on the exact car you’re after. Do this at a few places around town that have a good reputation and you may be driving the car you’ve always wanted before you know it.

Check Online Classifieds

Online classifieds can be hit or miss, but finding a diamond in the rough is definitely possible. Check local classified sites in your area, as well as printed papers if they exist in your city, to find your ideal car.

Then make sure you thoroughly evaluate the vehicle before putting your hard-earned cash on the table.

Find a Good Mechanic

If you go the used sports car route, which can be a very good choice for your wallet, you’re going to want to have somebody take a look at your vehicle before you buy. That means finding a good mechanic who understands the model of car that you’re after.

Once you narrow down your search in terms of car type you can start making some calls to find a mechanic that seems reputable. They may charge a fee to go over a car you’re looking at buying, but in the end, that’s actually a good thing. It means that they’re not trying to up-sell you on parts – they’re just offering a service at a price they think is fair for the work involved.

Always get a used car checked before you buy, especially if it’s coming from an individual. You won’t have too much recourse once you buy, so getting a lemon can be disastrous.


Shopping for a sports car should be an exciting adventure, not an exercise in frustration. Utilize these tips and before you know it you’ll be behind the wheel of that dream car you’ve been fantasizing about since you got your license.

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