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Media post: How Technology is Driving the Motor Industry to Greater Heights

In the early days of motor cars, it was all about the basics. From bodywork to the engine, these new conveyances had to be aesthetically pleasing and reliable in terms of their performance. These two elements combined to make some of the most wonderful cars, the vehicles that we now classify as vintage, classics and collectibles. In those early days of car ownership, only the wealthy drove, and the number of vehicles made was small. How things have changed!

Motoring is now a global industry worth billions, as well as a sector that is being driven by the need for speed and the constant competition to make the best-looking vehicle. Furthermore, this is now an industry that has become a pioneer in the power of technology.

Think of it in terms of a timepiece, perhaps. Yes, classic watches were for time telling and often a status symbol, but just as the car has become so much more than a ride, and is now a vehicle display of cutting edge technology, the watch has become a showcase for wearable technology capabilities. When people buy a car, of course they want reliability, affordability and the most economic model for their purposes. With the dawn of greater technology in the wider world, however, the modern car consumer has much more to consider. From Airplay to Bluetooth, smartphone connectivity to parking assistance cameras, cars are so much more than just cars, as it were.

Innovation Putting Car Manufacturers In The Industry Driving Seat

Naturally, in an industry that has always been innovation led, the motor industry is embracing, as well as creating new technology that has taken it to greater heights. As with any other commercial industry, of course, the bottom line for the car industry is what matters most. Put simply, car sales matter and getting the biggest share of this global industry is key. Which is precisely why innovation and technology are being pursued more aggressively and effectively than ever before.

Car manufacturing has always been, and always will be one of the most febrile and competitive markets in the world. Let’s take if for granted, for a moment, that engines and aesthetics are still the most important consideration. The integration of cutting-edge technology is present on both those factors, but is also creating an innovative extra in terms of what experience a car can give a driver beyond speed and reliability. Comfort, convenience, connectivity, just three things that are a reflection of how high-end technology is transforming cars and evolving the industry.

One simple example of innovation in the automotive industry is the strategic partnerships being formed by technology companies and car manufacturers. Apple is the most valuable tech company in the world, with a market value now estimated to be in the trillions. Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that more and more car manufacturers are offering a seamless integration between Apple tech and their vehicles. On a consumer level, this is a natural and welcome progression, the epitome of cars and innovation in perfect harmony.

Electric Cars, Safety Features And More, Technology Is Evolving With The Industry

Software and hardware are two separate yet equally important strings on the bow of technology. So too are they both being utilised in the ever-evolving world of the motor industry. Just one glance at a Formula 1 garage and pit lane at any Grand Prix showcases, for example, how automotive based software is paramount for, and utilised to provide both safety and performance. But this, I hear some cry, is the pinnacle of the motor industry, the premier league example of such technology. Correct. It does, however, reflect the high end of technology that is being used in your everyday car too, at least to some degree.

Safety features in cars are both innovative and driven by technology. From cameras for reverse parking to the software that controls airbags, the digital dashboard tech to the software that enables GPS, cell phone integration and more, cars are full of the kind of innovative technology that is not just wanted by consumers but often demanded and expected as standard in a new car.

Additionally, as global governments chase a net zero agenda, the manufacturing of electric vehicles is becoming more innovative as the demand grows. From batteries to mile ranges, both of which are crucial to the wider market when trying to entice people to drive electric vehicles, the research and development for innovative technological advances is non-stop. This competition within the car manufacturing sector, this industry innovation, this push to use technology for consumer benefits, all make this an exciting time for the industry giants and the everyday drivers alike.

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