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Media post: How to Get the Best Deals from Used Car Dealers Auckland

A car is a necessity for most people because it offers the convenience of getting you from one place to another. It especially applies to those living in rural areas where there’s a lack of public transportation. A car is also generally considered an asset and serves as a reward for one’s hard work.

However, not everyone has the luxury of buying a brand-new car because of its high price. That’s why people consider getting a secondhand car. But you must ensure you’re getting a fair deal when buying one.

There are many used car dealers in Auckland. Here are some tips on how to get the best deals from them:

  1. Consider Getting A Year-Old Used Car

If you want a brand-new car but don’t have the budget, get a year-old car instead. After a year, a car’s value depreciates by as much as 20%, making it more affordable.

The good thing about buying a year-old car is that the exterior and interior are relatively pristine. As mileage is relatively low, you don’t have to worry too much about engine problems, allowing you to save on costly repairs. It would also be advantageous if the previous owner had maintained the car well.

To ensure getting an excellent pre-owned car, look for the best used car dealer Auckland has to offer. They have various vehicles, from hatchbacks and sedans to utes (utility vehicles), station wagons, coupes, and even convertibles. With a reputable car dealership, you can be sure their vehicles have undergone a rigorous inspection to ensure quality.

  1. Check The Car Thoroughly

You should look at the vehicle’s make and model, exterior and interior, and price. Other considerations include who will use it, what it will be used for, and its seating capacity.

If you want a car that’s better for the environment, you may go for an electric or hybrid vehicle. Furthermore, consider the engine size, transmission type, and fuel type.

– Engine Size: Cars with small engines consume less fuel. These are practical for errands and short-distance travel. Choose a vehicle with a bigger engine for frequent long-distance trips.

– Transmission Type: Automatic transmission is easier to use and is more comfortable for the driver. However, its maintenance is expensive because it has complex moving parts and takes longer to repair. On the other hand, a manual transmission vehicle requires more hand-foot coordination to change gears. It’s cheaper than automatic cars and generally less expensive to maintain. However, note that driving style can make the gears and clutches wear down more quickly.

– Fuel Type: Diesel-engine cars are recommended for people who make long journeys. It’s more efficient and durable, giving the vehicle more torque and low revolutions per minute (RPM) than gasoline. Gasoline is a typical option for city-driving motorists who want higher RPM when used on a highway.

It’s wise to have an experienced mechanic carefully inspect the car before buying it.

  1. Decide Between Electric And Hybrid

An electric car uses a battery and electric motor to run. It gets its power by charging it to the power source, while a hybrid car functions by using both electricity and fuel.

Both are expensive, but they may be cost-effective in the long term since fuel prices are steadily increasing.

  1. Think About Insurance

The insurance cost depends on the car’s age, brand, and model. If you want to save from paying the insurance premium, choose an established brand with widely available and inexpensive parts.

With high-end or luxury cars, be ready to fork out a hefty annual insurance premium.

  1. Check When Is The Best Time To Purchase

Car dealerships usually have projected sales targets by the end of the month. So, consider purchasing a car by the month’s end to take advantage of extra discounts, promotions, and more freebies.

They may offer these to boost sales, especially if they have yet to reach their target. You may also consider buying at the end of the quarter.

  1. Negotiate The Price

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to negotiate the price. Regard the sticker price as the first offer, not the final one. A used car dealership may be more than willing to lower the price if you propose to pay in cash or show proof of pre-approval from your lender.

It also pays to know how much the same make and model costs in a nearby dealership. If they’re unwilling to match another dealer’s price or maybe go a little lower, just walk away. There’s a chance you can find a more reasonable deal.

Final Thoughts

Planning to get a used car can be more tedious than buying a brand-new one. You need to do thorough research before purchasing one.

When it comes to used car dealers Auckland residents prefer to transact with those who are trustworthy. In addition, make sure to consider the tips above to help you find the right car for you.

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