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BSCB celebrates 12th year anniversary

On October 30th, 2010, I wrote the very first article on BSCB, about Luxembourg sales (see below). 12 years and 13,297 articles later, we are still going and in great shape! What began as a way for me to collect in one place all the monthly updates I had been painstakingly recording for the previous 20 years, has expanded to become the most thorough and extensive car sales statistics website around. When I started this adventure, never would I have thought I’d manage to keep BSCB running for so long, and never would I have imagined that it would interest so many people!

This site would not be what it is today without you readers. So I want to thank you all very, very much for your readership, your feedback and support all this time, whether this is your very first visit or you come here every morning while drinking your coffee on the bus. I would like to thank in particular all our Premium and Platinum members, and all those of you who have advertised on BSCB. Without your support, updating this site for all these years may not have been possible.

Countries who visited BSCB over the past year

Over the past seven years (the furthest I can go on Google Analytics), you were 3.2 million users visiting the site 7.2 million times. More specifically over the past 12 months you were 730,516 users delivering 1.3 million sessions to the site. You have come from literally every corner of the globe: 185 countries in the past year. Countries who have visited the site the most over the past 12 months are China, the United States and the United Kingdom, followed by Turkey and India (see Top 10 below).

So once again, thank you all for making BSCB what it is today, and to the next 12 years!

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  1. Dear Matt,

    Sorry for the late reaction. It is amazing what you do, reallly amazing.

    Best regards,

    Richard (the Netherlands)

  2. Thank you Mr. Matt Gasnier: Your service is truly appreciated.
    I am sure everyone are able to learn about the companies and the countries in the auto world.

  3. Hello Matt,
    thank you a lot for your work 8)
    All your articles are accurate, so they are a big work. I like also your “road trips” articles, very rich in cultural details 8) They could be printed in some magazines.
    With these millions of visits, you could have earned some more money with some advertissments. Why don’t you show some on your pages ?
    Thank you again and all the best for the future !

    1. Thank you very much Phil! I am glad you are enjoying the site. Some of my road trips like the Iranian one have been published in Automobile Magazine, a French magazine. The advertisements on the site are labelled “Media post”.
      Thanks again.

  4. Perfect service and a lot of work behind it. You can say that your service connects the world. We look forward to new statistics! Thank you, Matt.

  5. Thank you Matt for all the time you put in to this site. And congrats with your 12 year anniversary. Hope you’ll keep on going for a while 😉

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