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Media post: Everything You Need to Know about Buying a Car and Having it Shipped

Online car purchasing is taking the world by storm. According to Digital Commerce 360, online car sales have increased by 36% since 2020, with several dealers ready to offer local home delivery. It is a situation driven by buyers’ love for technology. It is also due to the ongoing COVID-19 battle, which has led to the growth of contactless car delivery.

Many buyers who have done online vehicle shipping understand how getting it home takes more than a mail truck. In this post, we will explore you through online shipping scenarios and what precisely buyers can do to ensure seamless delivery.

3 Types of Car Shipping

  1. Local Delivery

Local delivery means the vehicle you purchased online is around. Most shipping firms will bring it directly to your door.

Local delivery takes two categories: a truck loads your car, or the dealer personally drives it to your destination.

  1. Out-Of-State and In-State Delivery

In or out-of-state car delivery involves transporting the vehicle by open, enclosed, or flatbed shipment. It is something that many buyers feel they can do by themselves. However, you have to observe excellent practice for a successful shipment.

  1. Cross-Country Delivery

Cross-country delivery involves a broker who knows the best way to optimize your delivery. Brokers also offer transport solutions, including open, enclosed, and flatbed. However, the enclosed way seems better, especially for long distances.

Steps Involved When Shipping Your Car

Shipping your car is now going to be simpler than ever before. Here are four steps to follow.

  1. Select a Trusted Shipment Company

First, find a reliable auto transport company that can deliver your vehicle at an affordable rate. Go for a company that offers the best services, like a price-matching policy, damage-free guarantee, and more.

When selecting the best shipment company, compare shipping costs. Car shipment isn’t cheap as you can imagine. You must be ready to break your bank at least to get your vehicle delivered.

Shipping prices vary from one auto transport dealer to another depending on many factors. The most common factor is distance.

Others include the shipment method, seasonality, and delivery routes. For this reason, it is crucial to gather some estimates to give you a clue of what car delivery can cost.

  1. Select the Shipment Method

Auto-delivery companies mainly offer open and enclosed transport methods for local shipment. The enclosed delivery might be the best bet if money isn’t an issue. Your vehicle gets enclosed on a truck with other cars. Since this method protects your vehicle from snow, rain, and debris, enclosed transport is best suited for luxury and exotic vehicles.

On the other hand, open transport involves arranging your car neatly on metal shelves. If you are tight on budget, this method might fit you.

  1. Coordinate with the Dealership

The step includes handing over your car keys, registration number, and copy of your driving license to the delivery driver.

  1. Confirm the Bill of Lading

Once the delivery driver arrives, they usually ask the dealer to sign a bill of lading. It is a legal agreement showing your car arrived in its pristine condition.


As you can see, there are various options you can use to ship your car. So, it is up to you to assess your situation and find a suitable solution.

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