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Media post: Everything You Need to Know before Buying AMG Rims

German Mercedes Benz accessories are gigantically popular everywhere these days. Quality, elegant, and affordable Mercedes accessories are more convenient to get today in the property of official representatives of companies-manufacturers. This solution is able to guarantee really great quality, and this quality will satisfy even the pickiest customers and the longevity of these stylish accessories.

One of the most necessary accessories, of course, is the Mercedes AMG wheels. High-quality Mercedes wheel disks will serve your car for many years in all conditions and on all highways. In addition, by buying wheels Mercedes, the customer is getting not only modern wheels but also an elite accessory like AMG monoblock, which is very beneficial to the appearance of the vehicle.

How to choose correctly?

When choosing, it is necessary to read the markings on the wheels, as well as the manual for the car.

Initially, you should look at the seating diameter. It shows the diameter of the rim on which the tire sits. The size is usually given in inches.

The next parameter is the rim width, which determines the maximum allowable tire profile width. The permissible error is less than 1 inch.

ET (outreach) – the distance from the surface of the rim adjacent to the hub to the vertical plane of the middle of the rim width. It is recommended to choose not more than 5 mm. If you put more, the load on the bearings, half axle, and so on will increase.

PCD – represents the number of holes for wheel bolts, studs, and the distance between them. The value should be as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

DIA – indicates the diameter of the central hole in the wheel. The value must not exceed the diameter of the projection on the hub. Exceeding this value, you simply can not safely install and mount the wheels on the car.

Buying black AMG rims for a car and the fact that in addition to the fact that we have to decide what to choose alloy wheels for cars or stamped wheels for cars, you must stop choosing a specific pattern and even shade, which is difficult to do without the help of a qualified specialist.

Mounting diameter of rims

You’ve probably already guessed that we’re talking about the diameter of the wheel, expressed in inches. If you saw the inscription R14, you have a disk with a diameter of 14 inches.

Remember, the manufacturers mark the radial cord construction with the letter symbol R. That is, as a criterion to consider when choosing a disk, it is irrelevant.

Where is the permissible diameter of the rims for the car specified? It is the manual, stickers, which are available in every doorway. By the way, the value of this indicator coincides with the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer. You will not make a mistake if you choose the tires with the seating diameter coinciding with the diameter of black AMG rims.

An important point: oversized wheels have a negative effect on the suspension and, consequently, on the service life of the chassis of the car.

How to choose the right wheels

Cars have wheels originally installed by the manufacturer, but it happens that they need to be replaced, and Mercteil will definitely help you. Each driver has his own reason. This is done either to change the appearance of the car or to replace already used and damaged rims. To choose AMG GT wheels correctly it is necessary to have certain knowledge. The wrong choice of disks threatens to lose money or get into an accident.

Beautiful original rims make the car not only bright but also really stylish. Also, in order to guarantee the vehicle a more individual appearance, it is worth attracting all the other accessories, say, bright chrome plated pads or something else. Good quality Mercedes AMG wheels is also a condition for the excellent drivability of the car, increased reliability. Buying counterfeit and less expensive rims means not only to get cheaper but also to expose yourself to a real danger of death on the road.

And by opting for genuine components and spare parts, you will in any case acquire real quality and at the same time an aesthetic, fashionable, and memorable appearance. Your personal automobile will actually become seen amongst other automobiles.

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