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Media post: Three Must Have Upgrades to Make Your Truck Stand Out from the Crowd

Your truck matters to you, and how you display it to others reflects that meaning and makes a statement about you. Trucks make more significant statements about their owners than most cars and SUVs say about theirs. Truck owners are often hard workers, practical, outdoors lovers, and creative. Adding some flair to your truck to show it and you off a bit is well deserved and can feel good.

Tons of options exist to modify your truck, and the list can seem endless at times, so narrowing them down to the biggest statements at the most reasonable prices is the best start. Here are three options that can make all of the difference.

Lift Kits

Nothing says, “I own this street,” like a lifted truck. Adding mud means, “I own this street and everything is not paved too.” It is the ultimate statement when Bad to the Bone is the theme song for your ride. Nothing else will better set your truck apart from the crowd.

Lift kits for trucks can add heights between 1” to 8”, fitting every personal preference or need. Kits fit into size groups of 1-2”, 3-5”, and 6-8”. Taller lifts make more prominent statements and can accommodate bigger tires. 6-8” lift kits can be paired with wheels and tires between 35-37”. If your purpose is a slight increase for some improved utility off-road, 1-2” might be just right. 3-5” starts getting into statement territory, and 6-8” says, “I reach down for my burgers at the drive-through. Obey me.”

Price will vary per size and quality. A 1” lift can start as low as a few hundred dollars, and prices can go to $3,500 for the 8” bad boy. Shocks and struts can vary in quality and need to be a serious consideration for those hitting some serious dirt. Tire wear is another consideration, with more expensive kits tending to be easier on that expensive 35” tread.

Wheels and Rims

No lift is complete if you’re sporting stock wheels, and the manufacturer only had four styles available to keep things easy for them, not you. If you’re going to stand out from the crowd, some wheels to show off with that lift are essential.

Wheels can come in a variety of metals, colors, and styles. They can give you a blacked-out look or be brushed and milled steel with hyper-aggressive groves. Regardless of your preference or style, you’ll find wheels to fit it.

Prices for wheels can run from $200 each to $400 each, and it’s a good bet that $1200 is the final price. The upgrade to your truck’s appearance makes them well worthwhile for the money.

Bed Liners

Scratches and truck owners are bitter enemies, and scratches have no more favorable battleground than the truck’s bed. You love the utility of your truck, but every time you hear that screech as metal scapes your truck bed, it is less pleasant than your neighbor’s little dog that drinks caffeine all day. A bed liner is a must, but the type of bed liner matters. Drop-ins look, well, cheap, and even though they can be pulled out, more than likely, they’ll stay there forever, trapping water on the bed and getting all scratched up.

Spray-in liners adhere to the bed, don’t get that scratched-up look, and can easily be resprayed or even painted if necessary. They tell others that your truck is important to you. Typically you’ll pay $500 to get the work done, and it’s worth every penny. It might even be safe to say that bed liners have gone from optional to essential.

Nothing on the road has as much purpose and makes as big of a statement as a truck. The number one selling vehicle in America is the Ford F-150, for a reason. Not only is that the last year or two, but every single year for decades. Newer trucks keep getting better and better in every way but will never be complete until customized just for you.

These are just three options out of dozens to choose from to make your truck special. Lights, grill guards, and custom mats are some of the others that make trucks more customizable than anything on the road.

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