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Croatia October 2020: Skoda Octavia (+10%), Dacia Duster (+58.5%) highlight market down -24.6%

The Skoda Octavia gains 10% year-on-year in a market down -24.6%.

New car sales in Croatia stumble another -24.6% in October to just 3.093 registrations, that’s a 7th consecutive double-digit year-on-year drop as Covid-19 and the much lower level of tourism continue to reverberate through end-of-year sales. The year-to-date tally is now down -43.4% to 31.350. Volkswagen (-23.2%) moves roughly like the market and has no issue retaining the brands top spot at 17.8% share vs. 14.9% for #2 Skoda (+0.7%) which manages the only year-on-year gain on a podium rounded out y Suzuki (-12.9%) up 7 spots on last month to #10 vs. #6 YTD. Dacia (+22.6%) and Kia (+12.8%) post very strong results, the only gainers in the Top 12, let alone double-digit lifts. In fact, only Citroen (-20.1%) outpaces the market in the remainder of the Top 12 with Fiat (-62.6%), Opel (-43.1%), Renault (-40.7%) and Hyundai (-38.6%) enduring debilitating losses. 

In the models ranking, the Skoda Octavia (+10%) is held afloat by the new generation, sailing off in the distance thanks to the only double-digit gain on the podium. It distances the VW Polo (-3.3%), Golf (-29.5%) and a very in-shape Dacia Duster (+58.5%). The Fiat 500 (+326.3%), Kia Stonic (+100%) and Dacia Sandero (+16.4%) also make themselves noticed in the remainder te Top 10. Below, the Opel Corsa (+1666.7%), VW Passat (+60%), Suzuki SX4 S-Cross (+18%), Seat Leon (#18) and Renault Megane (#19) make themselves noticed.

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Full October 2020 Top 35 All-brands and Top 20 models below.

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