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Canada May 2020: Market fall reduces to -44.2% as dealerships reopen

Kia sales drop just -25.4% in Canada in May, partly thanks to the new Seltos.

Local consultancy DesRosiers Automotive estimates 113.224 new light vehicle found a home in Canada in May, which is a -44.2% year-on-year drop compared to the 202.800 it estimated a year ago for its selection of brands (which don’t include Tesla and smaller manufacturers). As we predicted last month, May sales fare better than April (-74.6%) and March (-48%) as car dealerships in Quebec and Ontario slowly reopened under strict health and safety guidelines from May 4 onwards. Given these two provinces account for 80% of the country’s market, this has definitely had an impact. DesRosiers’ seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) is 1.1 million for May vs. 1.93 million sold in 2019. The year-to-date volume is now down -38.6% to 490.775, and we at BSCB are now forecasting a 2020 Canadian volume down -28% to 1.38m units.

Toyota Tacoma sales are up 9.8% year-on-year in Canada in May. 

For the past year and a half, most carmakers have stopped reporting monthly U.S. and Canada sales, only doing so quarterly, and in these tumultuous circumstances it’s a very convenient way to avoid repeating bad news too often. Some brands still cling to some kind of transparency, among them Toyota Motor down -48.7% to 13.494 units, Hyundai-Kia down -39.5% to 13.442 and Honda Motor down -49.9% to 10.368. In the brands detail, Kia (-25.4%) fares best with Lexus (-37.6%), Volvo (-38.6%) and Mazda (-43.7%) also resisting relatively well, but Toyota (-52.7%), Acura (-50.9%), Genesis (-50%), Honda (-49.8%), Subaru (-49.4%) and Hyundai (-46.8%) all lose more ground than the market.

The Mazda CX-30 has started well in Canada.

Model-wise, among the 85 nameplates with official May sales, the Toyota Tacoma (+9.8%), Honda Pilot (+4.1%), Lexus GX (+60.9%), Toyota 86 (+50%) and Genesis G90 (+100%) are the only year-on-year gainers while the Lexus LC (-11.1%), Kia Sorento (-12.8%), Sportage (-15.2%), Lexus RC (-17.9%), Honda Passport (-18.2%), Kia Forte (-19%), Mazda MX-5 Miata (-19%), Honda Ridgeline (-21.4%), Toyota 4Runner (-23.2%) and Toyota C-HR (-25.2%) contain their losses. The Kia Seltos (1.185) is by far the most popular recent launch above the Mazda CX-30 (682), Hyundai Venue (549) and Palisade (380).

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One year ago: Canada May 2019: Toyota (+9.1%), Kia (+8.6%) and VW (+6.6%) swim against 15th market fall in a row

Full May 2020 data for selected 6 groups, 10 brands and 85 models below.

Canada May 2020 – groups:

1Toyota Motor Co.13,494-48.7%59,225-39.3%43
3Honda Motor Co.10,368-49.9%42,137-47.1%56
6Volvo Cars NA602-38.6%2,254-43.3%1515

Canada May 2020 – brands:


Canada May 2020 – models:

1Toyota RAV43,268-51.9%15,519-39.0%53
2Honda Civic3,159-54.6%13,098-50.3%34
3Honda CR-V3,090-46.8%13,027-44.2%45
4Toyota Corolla2,588-58.6%11,334-43.5%88
5Hyundai Elantra1,752-55.6%6,519-55.8%1210
6Hyundai Tucson1,661-47.6%6,394-39.2%1812
7Hyundai Kona1,535-44.0%6,393-41.2%1515
8Mazda CX-51,354-47.1%6,058-41.5%1613
9Kia Sorento1,299-12.8%3,696-46.9%2727
10Toyota Tacoma1,2839.8%4,603-10.3%3939
11Kia Seltos1,185new1,801new – –
12Kia Forte1,077-19.0%3,894-37.7%3229
14Hyundai Santa Fe865-59.8%3,530-57.1%2322
15Toyota Tundra862-24.0%3,523-16.9%5250
16Kia Sportage858-15.2%2,998-31.0%4738
17Subaru Crosstrek843-37.8%3,941-21.4%4330
18Honda HR-V778-42.5%2,801-44.8%3736
19Honda Pilot7374.1%2,728-21.5%5462
20Subaru Forester693-51.0%3,156-38.0%4135
21Toyota C-HR687-25.2%2,329-26.2%7772
22Mazda CX-30682new2,354new – –
23Toyota Sienna672-51.4%2,543-62.6%2432
24Toyota 4Runner656-23.2%2,381-29.9%6563
25Acura RDX630-35.7%2,169-33.5%7552
26Subaru Outback570-47.2%2,736-35.0%5643
27Kia Soul555-59.2%2,690-42.2%5341
28Hyundai Venue549new2,126new –236
29Toyota Prius (incl. C and V)508-63.2%2,283-38.1%7648
30Honda Accord481-66.7%1,873-60.6%4842
31Toyota Camry458-76.5%2,984-56.9%3134
32Lexus RX449-35.7%2,338-27.1%6959
33Lexus NX430-32.2%1,883-36.0%7268
34Honda Odyssey409-60.6%1,774-55.1%6055
35Subaru Impreza391-59.3%1,640-54.2%6357
36Hyundai Palisade380new1,665new –108
37Hyundai Accent297-59.8%859-67.4%8679
38Mazda CX-3295-69.6%1,888-51.4%5746
39Honda Passport292-18.2%9675.0%188143
40Honda Ridgeline287-21.4%1,154-18.6%124123
41Kia Rio251-53.9%859-58.0%9489
42Subaru WRX240-37.8%809-36.7%146141
43Hyundai Sonata231-37.4%908-46.1%113117
44Acura MDX224-40.6%762-57.6%10691
45Toyota Yaris208-74.8%713-76.1%7877
46Kia Niro197-64.1%857-39.9%14498
47Lexus UX188-39.2%754-45.1%126142
48Hyundai Ioniq178-78.5%1,445-28.1%139115
49Mazda CX-9177-51.0%1,049-33.3%10594
50Kia Telluride172-67.1%1,030-3.9%212133
51Kia Sedona166-78.5%991-54.7%9887
52Subaru Ascent139-66.4%756-56.1%108102
53Honda Fit128-74.6%513-74.9%92120
54Lexus IS109-51.6%388-48.6%181153
55Mazda MX-5 Miata102-19.0%191-46.0%211203
56Lexus ES100-55.2%430-50.6%165158
57Hyundai Veloster90-56.3%284-63.4%179185
58Kia Stinger82-52.9%284-50.8%191182
59Lexus LX80-37.0%385-29.0%180197
60Toyota Highlander77-93.5%3,426-31.3%3633
61Honda Clarity FCV71-67.9%354-32.2%195200
62Genesis G7066-45.5%267-41.8%198194
63Subaru Legacy65-67.5%350-55.0%166174
64Kia Optima61-60.6%305-54.8%174178
65Acura ILX55-73.7%180-78.9%171169
67Lexus GX3760.9%18359.1%230229
68Subaru BRZ34-49.3%322-23.2%185211
69Toyota 863050.0%81-17.3%234244
70Toyota Supra26new77new –246
71Lexus RC23-17.9%70-46.6%238239
72Honda Insight22-66.7%152-22.4%216204
73Toyota Sequoia16-65.2%130-47.6%209216
74Toyota Avalon14-72.5%78-58.1%218225
75Toyota Land Cruiser11-73.8%41-70.1%235241
76Genesis G8010-73.0%68-45.6%236235
77Lexus LC8-11.1%15-61.5%260267
78Acura NSX4-33.3%8-38.5%272278
79Genesis G904100.0%1587.5%273266
80Lexus GS3-50.0%18-69.5%239261
81Lexus LS2-75.0%12-69.2%256270
82Acura TLX1-99.6%569-66.3%103124
83Kia Cadenza1-75.0%1-93.8%268280
84Toyota Mirai1-94.1%4-92.5%250269

Source: Manufacturers, Desrosiers, GCBC

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