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Poland March 2020: Toyota Corolla scores 11th straight win in market down -39.9%

The Toyota Corolla is #1 in Poland for the 11th straight month.

After widespread business closures ordered on March 12, Poland was placed under a national lockdown on March 25 to contain the spread of the coronavirus. This was originally scheduled to last until April 11. As a result new car sales in the country fall -39.9% year-on-year in March to 39.927 including light commercials, down -40.6% to 29.164 when only including passenger cars. Year-to-date, the market is now down -22.8% to 120.947 or -22.7% to 105.953 passenger cars. Company/fleet sales now account for 69.7% of the YTD volume at 84.183 vs. 36.764 private sales (30.4%). Petrol holds a 71.2% share at 86.094 vs. 28.3% for diesel at 34.228 and 0.5% for EV at 612.

Toyota (-6.1%) resists very well to old onto the brands top spot at 14.2% share vs. 12.9% for Skoda (-25.6%) while Volkswagen (-43.4%) and Renault (-45%) crumble down. Mercedes (-20.7%), Volvo (-25.6%) and Kia (-25.7%) post the best holds in the Top 15 but Opel (-69.7%), Ford (-64.7%), Dacia (-56.6%), Fiat (-54.1%) and Peugeot (-46.2%) are hit the hardest. When only taking into account passenger cars, Kia stays at a record 4th place, BMW Is up 4 spots on last month to #6, Volvo cracks the Top 10 at #10 and both Seat and Nissan lift into the Top 15.

Over in the models ranking, the Toyota Corolla (+50.3%) is getting closer to celebrate a full year of pole position, securing an 11th straight win in March above the Skoda Octavia (-23.3%), Fabia (-37%), Toyota Yaris (-26.3%) and Dacia Duster (-47%). The Skoda Superb (+4.6%) shoots up 19 spots on February to land at #6, with the Toyota RAV4 (+45.9%) also posting a spectacular gain at #10. Below the Skoda Kamiq (#16) and Scala (#25) losing ground on last month, another recent launch smashes its Polish ranking record for the 2nd straight month: the Kia Xceed up 11 spots on February to #31. The Volvo XC40 (#29) breaks into the Top 30 for the first time, eclipsing last month’s record at #31, and the Seat Arona also aligns a second consecutive ranking record at #34. Looking at passenger cars only, the Volvo XC60 (#11), XC40 (#24), Kia Xceed (#26) and Seat Arona (#29) all logically fare even better while the Mercedes CLA (#41) repeats inside the Top 50.

Note: Since June 2019, we also publish the Top 15 brands and Top 50 models for passenger cars excluding light commercials. Once we have a full 12 months of data we will shift to passenger cars only to align with the rest of the EU.

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