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Poland April 2020: Audi (-46.1%), BMW (-48.7%), Mercedes (-50.9%) resist best in market down -65.9%

Audi falls “just” -46.1% year-on-year in Poland in April.

11/06 update: Now with Top 160 Passenger Cars YTD ranking.

The coronavirus has continued to spread steadily in Poland throughout April, with 2.311 cases as of March 31 but 12.877 as of April 30 despite lockdown measures. The new car market drops -65.9% year-on-year in April to 17.786 registrations including light commercials, pulling the year-to-date volumes down -33.6% to 138.733 units. When only taking account passenger cars, sales are down -66.9% to 14.957 for the month and down -33.7% to 120.910 YTD.

Toyota (-56.3%) resists best on the brands podium ahead of Skoda (-66.9%) and Volkswagen (-74.4%). But it’s premium fares Audi (-46.1%), BMW (-48.7%), Mercedes (-50.9%) and Volvo (#11) that post the best holds in the Top 15, with Kia (-56.9%) also “solid”. In contrast Opel (-71.5%), Dacia (-70.3%) and Renault (-70%) tumble down. With only passenger cars, Kia repeats at #4, BMW is up to #5 above Dacia, Volvo is up two spots on March to #10, Opel up 3 to #9 and Nissan rounds out the Top 15.

The Volvo XC60 is up to a record 8th place in the Passenger cars charts.

The Toyota Corolla (-52.1%) celebrates one full year (12 consecutive months) in the Polish pole position, distancing the Skoda Octavia (-64.7%) and Fabia (-67.3%) just as the Dacia Duster (-64.2%) edges up one spot on March to #4. The Toyota RAV4 (-17%) posts the best hold in the Top 10 and climbs 5 ranks on last month to #5, equalling its January ranking record. The Volvo XC60 (-48.1%) breaks into the Polish Top 10 for the first time at #9, with the Mercedes Sprinter (-46.6%) and Renault Master (-56.1%) also solid. The BMW X3 surges to #20, the Kia Xceed breaks into the Top 30 at #27 and the Ford Puma breaks into the Top 50 at #37.

In the Passenger Cars ranking, Toyota places 4 models in the April Top 7 (Corolla, RAV4, Yaris and C-HR), the Volvo XC60 is up to #8, the Opel Corsa up 38 spots on March to #12, the BMW X3 up to #15, the Kia Xceed up to #22, the Ford Puma up to #32, the Mercedes CLA breaks into the Top 40 at #37 and the Volvo S60, Audi Q3, Toyota Proace City Verso and Mercedes GLE all break into the Top 50 at #42, #43, #46 and #50 respectively.

The Mercedes GLB ranks inside the Polish Top 160. Picture

A new Top 160 Passenger Cars models is now available for Poland for the January-April 2020 period, an upgrade on our monthly Top 50. It shows the Mazda CX-30 already up to #53, the Citroen C5 Aircross at #66, the Ford Puma at #79, the Lexus UX at #113, Audi Q8 at #121, BMW X7 at #139, Mercedes GLS at #148, BMW 8 Series at #155 and Mercedes GLB at #158. Notice also strong performances by the BMW 5 Series (#56), Mercedes GLE (#59), E-Class (#60), Audi A6 (#65) and Lexus NX (#83) and surprisingly poor scores by the Suzuki Vitara (#71), VW Polo (#115) and Fiat Panda (#118), once a best-seller in Poland.

Note: Since June 2019, we also publish the Top 15 brands and Top 50 models for passenger cars excluding light commercials. Once we have built a full 12 months of data we will shift to passenger cars only to align with the rest of the EU.

Previous month: Poland March 2020: Toyota Corolla scores 11th straight win in market down -39.9%

One year ago: Poland April 2019: Toyota Corolla leaps up to #2 in record market

Full April 2020 Top 15 brands and Top 50 models, Passenger cars Top 15 brands and Top 50 models below.

Full January-April 2020 Top 160 Passenger car models ranking below.

Poland April 2020 – brands:


Poland April 2020 – brands (Passenger Cars only):


Poland April 2020 – models:

1Toyota Corolla7864.4%-52.1%16,0994.4%54.3%12
2Skoda Octavia5963.4%-64.7%25,1473.7%-25.6%21
3Skoda Fabia5112.9%-67.3%34,0192.9%-39.2%43
4Dacia Duster4462.5%-64.2%52,7202.0%-44.9%64
5Toyota RAV44392.5%-17.0%102,7752.0%92.4%520
6Toyota Yaris3632.0%-67.4%44,6213.3%-15.3%35
7Mercedes Sprinter3081.7%-46.6%131,8071.3%-10.1%1424
8Toyota C-HR2991.7%-61.5%72,5461.8%-13.1%715
9Volvo XC602911.6%-48.1%111,5331.1%-18.4%2036
10Renault Master2781.6%-56.1%121,8511.3%-31.6%1313
11Iveco Daily2631.5%-43.1%141,2130.9%-25.7%2832
12VW Golf2581.5%-77.1%92,2791.6%-52.8%87
13Skoda Superb2561.4%-51.4%62,2111.6%-15.4%1014
14VW Passat2351.3%-61.5%171,7671.3%-28.8%1619
15Opel Corsa2351.3%-49.5%n/a1,0350.7%-60.0%3117
16Kia Ceed2251.3%-62.9%281,4741.1%-35.4%2318
17Fiat Ducato2161.2%-57.6%261,4211.0%-26.4%2530
18Renault Clio1961.1%-72.3%82,2141.6%-25.4%99
19Ford Transit1921.1%-40.2%439340.7%-31.4%3846
20BMW X31841.0%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
21Toyota Aygo1831.0%-50.3%231,4711.1%-14.5%2437
22Ford Focus1791.0%-66.0%251,7891.3%-50.8%1511
23Skoda Scala1721.0%new241,7341.2%new1749
24Skoda Kamiq1680.9%new161,7101.2%new18n/a
25BMW X51620.9%n/a50n/an/an/an/an/a
26Opel Astra1610.9%-84.2%368880.6%-81.0%426
27Kia Xceed1600.9%new319050.7%new39n/a
28Renault Captur1520.9%-58.7%n/a7890.6%n/a4847
29VW Tiguan1500.8%-76.7%221,5281.1%-48.7%2110
30Skoda Karoq1500.8%-68.6%321,2260.9%-27.4%2731
31BMW 3 Series1480.8%n/a301,0310.7%n/a3240
32Renault Megane1470.8%-78.1%371,0190.7%-54.2%3323
33Kia Sportage1430.8%-73.7%191,4831.1%-37.6%2221
34Fiat Tipo1420.8%-76.3%202,0761.5%-37.4%118
35Dacia Dokker1400.8%-65.2%n/a6700.5%-57.4%55n/a
36Dacia Sandero1360.8%-77.6%351,1590.8%-55.5%2922
37Ford Puma1350.8%newn/an/an/anewn/a –
38Hyundai Tucson1320.7%-77.8%181,9361.4%-36.5%1212
39VW Caddy1300.7%-69.7%41n/an/an/an/a34
40Nissan Qashqai1290.7%-78.0%151,6351.2%-33.0%1916
41Hyundai i201220.7%-67.1%471,2270.9%-26.9%2638
42Peugeot Boxer1220.7%n/an/a8190.6%n/a47n/a
43Volvo XC401200.7%n/a299820.7%n/a36n/a
44Toyota Camry1200.7%n/an/a6920.5%n/a54n/a
45Mercedes CLA1190.7%n/a487100.5%n/a53n/a
46Dacia Lodgy1150.6%-66.7%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
47Kia Stonic1110.6%n/a381,0490.8%n/a30n/a
48Citroen Jumper1100.6%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
49Peugeot 3081090.6%-66.6%n/a7570.5%-32.7%50n/a
50Ford Transit Custom1090.6%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
n/aHyundai i30960.5%-81.3%278990.6%-45.8%4026
n/aSkoda Kodiaq950.5%-78.1%339530.7%-36.8%3729
n/aKia Rio930.5%n/a428530.6%-6.1%46n/a
n/aCitroen C3920.5%-75.3%n/a8590.6%-40.4%4541
n/aAudi Q5850.5%n/a448970.6%n/a41n/a
n/aMercedes A-Class850.5%n/a407650.6%n/a49n/a
n/aSeat Arona810.5%n/a348690.6%n/a44n/a
n/aVW T-Roc780.4%n/an/a1,0150.7%-10.3%3439
n/aSeat Leon750.4%-81.4%399890.7%-30.9%3528
n/aOpel Crossland X690.4%n/an/a7190.5%n/a52n/a
n/aVW T-Cross400.2%newn/a8710.6%new43n/a
n/aHyundai Kona400.2%n/a497250.5%n/a51n/a

Poland April 2020 – models (Passenger Cars only):

1Toyota Corolla7865.3%16,0995.0%12
2Skoda Octavia5964.0%25,1474.3%21
3Skoda Fabia4903.3%33,9133.2%43
4Dacia Duster4453.0%52,7192.2%64
5Toyota RAV44392.9%102,7752.3%519
6Toyota Yaris3632.4%44,6213.8%35
7Toyota C-HR2992.0%72,5462.1%714
8Volvo XC602911.9%111,5331.3%1831
9VW Golf2581.7%92,2791.9%87
10Skoda Superb2561.7%62,2111.8%1013
11VW Passat2351.6%141,7671.5%1418
12Opel Corsa2351.6%501,0350.9%2716
13Kia Ceed2251.5%231,4741.2%2117
14Renault Clio1961.3%82,2141.8%99
15BMW X31841.2%n/a6050.5%57n/a
16Toyota Aygo1831.2%191,4711.2%2232
17Ford Focus1791.2%211,7891.5%1311
18Skoda Scala1721.1%201,7341.4%1544
19Skoda Kamiq1681.1%131,7101.4%16n/a
20BMW X51621.1%436530.5%51n/a
21Opel Astra1611.1%318880.7%376
22Kia Xceed1601.1%269050.7%34n/a
23Renault Captur1521.0%n/a7890.7%4241
24Skoda Karoq1501.0%271,2261.0%2328
25VW Tiguan1491.0%181,5271.3%1910
26BMW 3 Series1481.0%251,0310.9%2834
27Renault Megane1471.0%321,0190.8%2922
28Kia Sportage1431.0%161,4831.2%2020
29Fiat Tipo1420.9%172,0761.7%118
30Dacia Dokker1400.9%456700.6%4949
31Dacia Sandero1360.9%301,1591.0%2521
32Ford Puma1350.9%n/a4230.3%79 –
33Hyundai Tucson1320.9%151,9361.6%1212
34Nissan Qashqai1290.9%121,6351.4%1715
35Volvo XC401200.8%249820.8%32n/a
36Toyota Camry1200.8%n/a6920.6%48n/a
37Mercedes CLA1190.8%417100.6%47n/a
38Hyundai i201170.8%401,1941.0%2435
39Dacia Lodgy1150.8%n/a4620.4%7348
40Kia Stonic1110.7%331,0490.9%2647
41Peugeot 3081090.7%n/a7570.6%4450
42Volvo S601020.7%n/a2820.2%109n/a
43Audi Q31010.7%n/a5710.5%62n/a
44Ford Mondeo1000.7%n/a5650.5%6346
45Hyundai i30960.6%228990.7%3524
46Skoda Kodiaq950.6%289530.8%3327
47Mercedes C-Class950.6%n/a4060.3%81n/a
48Mercedes GLE940.6%n/a5880.5%59n/a
49Kia Rio930.6%368530.7%41n/a
50Citroen C3920.6%n/a8590.7%4036
n/aAudi Q5850.6%378970.7%36n/a
n/aMercedes A-Class850.6%357650.6%43n/a
n/aSeat Arona810.5%298690.7%39n/a
n/aVW T-Roc780.5%471,0150.8%3033
n/aSeat Leon750.5%349890.8%3126
n/aOpel Crossland X690.5%n/a7190.6%46n/a
n/aHonda Civic630.4%n/a6670.6%50n/a
n/aVW T-Cross400.3%498710.7%38n/a
n/aHyundai Kona400.3%427250.6%45n/a

Poland January-April 2020 – Passenger Cars:

1Toyota Corolla6,0995.0%2
2Skoda Octavia5,1474.3%1
3Toyota Yaris4,6213.8%5
4Skoda Fabia3,9133.2%3
5Toyota RAV42,7752.3%19
6Dacia Duster2,7192.2%4
7Toyota C-HR2,5462.1%14
8VW Golf2,2791.9%7
9Renault Clio2,2141.8%9
10Skoda Superb2,2111.8%13
11Fiat Tipo2,0761.7%8
12Hyundai Tucson1,9361.6%12
13Ford Focus1,7891.5%11
14VW Passat1,7671.5%18
15Skoda Scala1,7341.4%44
16Skoda Kamiq1,7101.4%n/a
17Nissan Qashqai1,6351.4%15
18Volvo XC601,5331.3%31
19VW Tiguan1,5271.3%10
20Kia Sportage1,4831.2%20
21Kia Ceed1,4741.2%17
22Toyota Aygo1,4711.2%32
23Skoda Karoq1,2261.0%28
24Hyundai i201,1941.0%35
25Dacia Sandero1,1591.0%21
26Kia Stonic1,0490.9%47
27Opel Corsa1,0350.9%16
28BMW 3 Series1,0310.9%34
29Renault Megane1,0190.8%22
30VW T-Roc1,0150.8%33
31Seat Leon9890.8%26
32Volvo XC409820.8%n/a
33Skoda Kodiaq9530.8%27
34Kia Xceed9050.7%n/a
35Hyundai i308990.7%24
36Audi Q58970.7%n/a
37Opel Astra8880.7%6
38VW T-Cross8710.7%n/a
39Seat Arona8690.7%n/a
40Citroen C38590.7%36
41Kia Rio8530.7%n/a
42Renault Captur7890.7%41
43Mercedes A-Class7650.6%n/a
44Peugeot 3087570.6%50
45Hyundai Kona7250.6%n/a
46Opel Crossland X7190.6%n/a
47Mercedes CLA7100.6%n/a
48Toyota Camry6920.6%n/a
49Dacia Dokker6700.6%49
50Honda Civic6670.6%n/a
51BMW X56530.5%n/a
52Audi A46530.5%n/a
53Mazda CX-306520.5%n/a
54Mitsubishi ASX6330.5%n/a
55Nissan Juke6300.5%n/a
56BMW 5 Series6210.5%n/a
57BMW X36050.5%n/a
58Opel Insignia5990.5%40
59Mercedes GLE5880.5%n/a
60Mercedes E-Class5800.5%n/a
61Peugeot 2085730.5%n/a
62Audi Q35710.5%n/a
63Ford Mondeo5650.5%46
64Honda HR-V5630.5%n/a
65Audi A65610.5%n/a
66Citroen C5 Aircross5420.4%n/a
67Renault Kadjar5420.4%45
68VW Golf Sportsvan5290.4%n/a
69Peugeot 30085000.4%n/a
70Opel Grandland X4810.4%n/a
71Suzuki Vitara4750.4%37
72Dacia Logan4710.4%n/a
73Dacia Lodgy4620.4%48
74Ford Fiesta4410.4%38
75VW Touran4410.4%n/a
76Fiat 5004400.4%n/a
77VW Arteon4360.4%n/a
78Hyundai Elantra4330.4%n/a
79Ford Puma4230.3% –
80Kia Picanto4140.3%n/a
81Mercedes C-Class4060.3%n/a
82Honda CR-V4040.3%n/a
83Lexus NX4040.3%n/a
84Citroen C3 Aircross3930.3%n/a
86Kia Optima3880.3%n/a
87Volvo V603850.3%n/a
88Ford Ecosport3790.3%n/a
89Peugeot 5083770.3%n/a
90Audi A33720.3%n/a
91BMW X13720.3%n/a
92Seat Ateca3690.3%n/a
93VW Up!3550.3%n/a
94Seat Ibiza3540.3%n/a
95Mitsubishi Outlander3480.3%n/a
96Audi Q73450.3%n/a
97BMW X43430.3%n/a
98Volvo XC903420.3%n/a
99Peugeot 50083240.3%n/a
101Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross3150.3%n/a
102Jeep Renegade3110.3%n/a
103Lexus CT3110.3%n/a
104BMW 1 Series3100.3%n/a
105Suzuki SX4 S-Cross3090.3%n/a
106Nissan X-Trail3030.3%n/a
107Jeep Compass3000.2%n/a
108Hyundai ix202820.2%n/a
109Volvo S602820.2%n/a
110Suzuki Swift2710.2%n/a
111BMW X62640.2%n/a
112Mazda CX-52630.2%42
113Lexus UX2610.2%n/a
114Mercedes V-Class2540.2%n/a
115VW Polo2530.2%n/a
116Kia Niro2340.2%n/a
117Audi Q22330.2%n/a
118Fiat Panda2260.2%n/a
119Volvo V902250.2%n/a
120Mitsubishi Space Star2110.2%n/a
121Audi Q82010.2%n/a
122Kia Sorento1930.2%n/a
123BMW 2 Series1820.2%n/a
124Audi A11800.1%n/a
125Audi A51800.1%n/a
126Land Rover Discovery Sport1790.1%n/a
127Mercedes GLA1770.1%n/a
128Mini Countryman1700.1%n/a
129Lexus ES1690.1%n/a
130Alfa Romeo Stelvio1660.1%n/a
131Mercedes B-Class1650.1%n/a
132Range Rover Evoque1620.1%n/a
133Lexus RX1600.1%n/a
134Hyundai i101590.1%n/a
135BMW X21580.1%n/a
136Honda Jazz1440.1%n/a
137Volvo S901430.1%n/a
138Porsche Cayenne1380.1%n/a
139BMW X71380.1%n/a
140Hyundai Santa Fe1340.1%n/a
141Skoda Citigo1340.1%n/a
142Nissan Micra1330.1%n/a
143Renault Koleos1320.1%n/a
144Seat Tarraco1310.1%n/a
145BMW 7 Series1290.1%n/a
146Porsche Macan1290.1%n/a
147Audi A71270.1%n/a
148Mercedes GLS1270.1%n/a
149BMW 4 Series1240.1%n/a
150VW Touareg1190.1%n/a
151Jeep Wrangler1160.1%n/a
152Citroen C4 Cactus1150.1%n/a
153Peugeot 20081150.1%n/a
154Mercedes S-Class1130.1%n/a
155BMW 8 Series1130.1%n/a
156Subaru XV1120.1%n/a
157Range Rover Velar1110.1%n/a
158Mercedes GLB1100.1%n/a
159Nissan Leaf1080.1%n/a
160Kia Stinger1020.1%n/a

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