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Poland February 2020: Toyota (+10.2%), Kia (+12.6%), Mercedes (+19.4%) defy market down -11.8%

The Kia Xceed breaks into the Polish passenger car Top 30 in February.

The Polish new car market sinks -11.8% year-on-year in February to 43.154 units, pulling the year-to-date tally down -13.2% to 87.020. When looking at passenger cars only, sales are down -11.7% in February to 37.900 and down -12.8% YTD to 76.789. Company sales account for 67.7% of the YTD volume at 58.930 units vs. 32.3% for private sales (28.090). Petrol sales hold a 72% share at 62.685 units, diesel is at 27.5% and 23.921 and EV at 0.5% and 404. Hybrid sales aren’t yet separated from diesel and petrol registrations in Poland.

Toyota (+10.2%) continues to go against the grain with a double-digit year-on-year gain but sees its share drop significantly on its record January level from 15.8% to 12.2%. Skoda (-9.1%) remains in 2nd place overall, with Volkswagen (-31.8%) in great difficulty but still rounding out the podium. Mercedes (+19.4%), Kia (+12.6%) and Hyundai (+0.6%) are the only additional Top 12 gainers, with Audi (+20.8%), BMW (+5.8%) and Volvo (#15) also strong further down. When only taking into account passenger cars, Skoda reclaims the top spot with a 17-unit advantage over Toyota, with Kia and Hyundai rounding out the Top 5.

Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla (+126.4%) secures a 10th consecutive monthly win ahead of the Skoda Octavia (+9%) and Fabia (-25.9%), both overtaking the Toyota Yaris (-6.5%) which ranked #2 last month. The Toyota C-HR (+25.2%) slices its Polish ranking record in two and breaks into the Top 5 for the very first time at #5, eclipsing its previous best of #10 hit in February 2018, December 2018, April 2019 and January 2020. The Toyota RAV4 is down two spots on its record #5 last month to a still fantastic 7th place, ranking record-breakers include the Skoda Kamiq (#14), Kia Stonic (+58.6%) at #26, Volvo XC40 (#31), Seat Arona (#37), Kia Xceed (#42) and Hyundai Kona (#44). The Top of the ranking doesn’t change when only taking into account passenger cars, but ranking record breakers do even better, to the Skoda Kamiq (#13), Kia Stonic (#23), Volvo XC40 (#28), Seat Arona (#34), Kia Xceed (#39) and Hyundai Kona (#40) is added the Mercedes CLA (#49).

Note: Since June 2019, we also publish the Top 15 brands and Top 50 models for passenger cars excluding light commercials. Once we have a full 12 months of data we will shift to passenger cars only to align with the rest of the EU.

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