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Italy April 2020: Sales predicted to stall -97.5%

Italy is scheduled to ease its national lockdown next Monday May 4.

Local manufacturers association UNRAE today announced that just 2.073 new cars were registered in the country between April 1-24 as the country was under a strict national lockdown all through the month, and predicts the market will freeze -97% to -98% over the full month of April to 3 or 4.000 units. These are monthly volumes unseen since World War II. Car dealerships are scheduled to reopen next Monday May 4, and UNRAE has started to lobby the Italian government for support measures, such as the introduction of a third band of Ecobonus (61-95 g / km of CO2 emissions) eligible for price cuts, the temporary suspension of the Ecomalus and a one-off government subsidy cumulative with Ecobonus to facilitate the new car market restart.

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