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Slovakia November 2019: Mazda (+66.9%), Citroen (+43.1%), Toyota (+27.5%) defy market down -3.9%

Mazda sales surge 66.9% in Slovakia in November.

The Slovak new car market drops -3.9% year-on-year in November to a round 8.000 units, leading to a year-to-date tally up 1.9% to 93.854. Skoda (-10.5%) falls almost three times faster than the market but scores an outstanding 23.9% share vs. 19.8% so far this year. Volkswagen (-2.4%) returns to #2 YTD above Hyundai (+3.6%) while Kia (+5.3%) posts the largest gain in the Top 5 whereas Peugeot (-12.4%) sinks. Mazda (+66.9%), Citroen (+43.1%) and Toyota (+27.5%) all score spectacular gains in the remainder of the Top 10 while further down, Seat (+45.5%), Jeep (+44.4%), Audi (+33.3%), Renault (+22.6%) and Lexus (+18.8%) impress. Model-wise, the Skoda Octavia remains in the lead ahead of the Fabia but the order is reversed YTD, with the Kia Cee’d clinking to the last step of the podium above the Hyundai i30 and VW Golf. The Top 9 is in fact unchanged on October, with the Skoda Kodiaq now pointing its bonnet at #10 YTD.

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Full November 2019 Top 35 All-brands and Top 10 models below.

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