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Russia Full Year 2019: Lada Granta claims first win since 2015 in plateauing market (-2.3%)

The Lada Granta reclaims the Russian top spot off the Lada Vesta.

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31/01 update: Now with Full Year 2019 Top 150 models.

Despite a stimulus package early in the year, the Russian new car market has plateaued in 2019, down -2.3% to 1.759.655 units after two consecutive years of double-digit gains. We are far from this market’s highest annual volumes of 2.9 million in 2012 and 2.7 million in 2008, which is why the Russian government has announced yet another stimulus package for 2020.  Homegrown behemoth Lada (+0.6%) once again outpaces its home market and edges up to 20.6% share, its highest level since 2011 (21.8%) after hitting an all-time low of 15.5% in 2014. In fact the entire Top 4 brands all improve their shares slightly in 2019: Kia (-0.7%) from 12.6% to 12.8%, Hyundai (+0.3%) from 9.9% to 10.2% and Renault (+5.8%) posting the largest gain in the Top 6 and stepping up from 7.6% to 8.2%. Mercedes (+11.3%), Skoda (+8.8%) and GAZ (+5.3%) also impress in the remainder of the Top 10 whereas Nissan (-19.7%) is in perdition.

Haval is only the third Russian carmaker to crack the Russian Top 20.

Below, Suzuki (+28.5%), Porsche (+17.7%), BMW (+16.6%), Volvo (+13.8%) and Datsun (+9.1%) shine but it’s the Chinese that have showed the most spectacular gains. In fact a complete change of guard has occurred in 2019 in Russia, with perennial leader Lifan (-73.8%) completely imploding as it is likely going out of business in China and down 10 spots to #30. Instead Haval (+282.3%) surges 15 ranks from #35 to #20, breaking its monthly volume record most months to culminate at #16 and 2.270 in December. This makes Haval only the third Chinese manufacturer to ever break into the annual Russian Top 20 after Chery at #16 in 2007 and Lifan at #19 in 2016 and 2017 and #20 in 2018. Geely (+186.5%) follows at #21, up 13 spots on last year, with Changan (+85.8%), Brilliance (+55.6%), Chery (+13.3%), FAW (+7.2%) and Dongfeng (+7.1%) also in positive. To put things in perspective through, Chinese brands as a whole gain 12.6% in 2019 but still only represent 2.3% of the Russian market, the same as Mitsubishi. Finally, note the arrival of Russian luxury brand Aurus at #52.

The new Arkana is the best-selling 2019 launch, helping Renault up 5.8%.

A simple facelift ended up being enough for the Lada Granta (+27.8%) to reclaim the annual Russian pole position for the first time since 2015 and the 4th time overall, knocking the more modern – but also more expensive – Lada Vesta (+2.9%) down to #2. This means Lada holds the Top 2 spots of its home models ranking for the 2nd year running but only the third time since 2012. Apart from this leadership changeover, the remainder of the Top 8 models remains unchanged on 2018 with the Kia Rio (-7.7%) rounding out the podium and the Hyundai Creta (+5.8%) celebrates 3 straight years as Russia’s favourite SUV and – most strikingly – 41 consecutive months in the SUV lead – straight from its August 2016 launch and never beaten since. Renault hasn’t yet launched the 2nd generation Duster (-5.7%) which could potentially help the nameplate reclaim the SUV crown it last held in 2016.

First annual Top 10 finish for the VW Tiguan in Russia.

The VW Tiguan (+11.1%) breaks into the annual Russian Top 10 for the first time, peaking at a record #7 in October and staying there for the rest of the year. The Renault Logan (+16.9%) for its part returns to the Top 10 for the first time since 2016, while the Kia Optima (+23.4%) breaks into the Top 20 for the first time and the Skoda Kodiaq (+54.4%) posts its first Top 25 finish. Two nameplates made their very first appearance in the monthly Top 25 this year: the Ford Kuga at #25 in June and the Renault Arkana at #23 in August, repeating the feat in October (#23), November (#25) and December (#25) and easily winning the title of best-selling 2019 launch at #36. Notice also the Kia Cerato (+34.3%), Sorento Prime (#37), Geely Atlas (+175.1%), Haval H6 (+164.1%), BMW X3 (+39.6%), Suzuki Vitara (+33.3%) and VW Touareg (+22.6%) also impressive in the Top 60. The new Haval F7 (#73), BMW X7 (#76) and Chery Tiggo 4 (#90) also make it into the Top 100.

Russian luxury brand Aurus makes its first appearance in the charts.

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