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Russia 2008: Lada 2104-7 keeps the lead, Priora on podium

Lada 2107

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Car sales are up 15% this year at a record-breaking 2,704,040 registrations. Russia is now the second biggest European market after Germany. In this context, an inevitable fragmentation occurs with all models under 7% share.

Lada Priora

The Lada 2104-7 is the best selling car in the country again with 186,188 units sold for a 6.9% market share, followed by the Lada Samara at 6.2%. The Lada Priora jumps onto the podium for its first full year of sales with 127,252 sales (4.7%).

Renault Logan

The Lada Kalina gains one spot in 4th in 2008 at 3.5%, making the Top 4 100% Lada for the first time since the USSR became Russia. At #5, the Ford Focus stays the best selling foreign model (3.5%), ahead of the Chevrolet Lacetti (3% and + 9 spots!) and the Renault Logan (2.7%).

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Full Year 2008 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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