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Russia 2010: 30-year-old Lada 2105/2107 (Riva) reclaims #1 spot

The Lada 2105-7 (Riva) reclaims the best-selling title it had held for decades before 2009.

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After sinking 49% in 2009, aggressive scrappage schemes enable the Russian car market to bounce back up 30.3% in 2010 to 1.910.573 registrations. Older and cheaper models enjoy the largest spikes, which benefit Russian carmakers whose share is up for the 2nd year running at 34.7% vs. 65.3% for foreigners. Lada (+48%) grows a lot faster than its home market to reach 27.1% share vs. 23.8% a year ago. Chevrolet (+11%) remains in 2nd place but significantly trails the market, leading to a share down one percentage point at 6.1%. Kia (+49%) and Renault (+33%) are catching up fast, while below, Ford (+10%), Hyundai (+17%), Nissan (+24%) and Toyota (+15%) all lose share. Volkswagen (+49%), Daewoo (+45%) and UAZ (+41%) are the most dynamic in the remainder of the Top 20. Other great performers include Chance (+139%), Chery (+81%) back in the Chinese lead above Lifan (+188%), Lexus (+72%) and Vortex (+71%).

Renault Sandero

The Lada 2105/2107 (+102%), originally launched in 1979, more than doubles its sales to 7.1% share, reclaiming the title of best selling car in Russia it held last in 2008. The Lada Priora (+26%) is knocked down one spot to #2, followed by the Kalina (+79%) lodging its first ever podium finish at home, and Samara (+13%). Best-selling foreign model albeit produced locally, the Ford Focus (+29%) reclaims a title it last held in 2008 off the Renault Logan (+17%). The Lada 4×4 (+67%), launched in 1977, gains a further two spots to #7 – its highest annual ranking since 2002.  The Opel Astra (+61%) is now established in the Top 10, while the largest improvements go to the Kia Rio (+187%) and Chevrolet Cruze (+863%) and the most popular new launch is the Renault Sandero at #19.

The Lada 4×4 reaches its highest annual ranking since 2002 in Russia.

The year was split in two: from January to May and continuing from its 2009 leadership, the Lada Priora was the clear #1, then, as soon as the scrappage schemes kicked in in June, the Lada 2105/2107 (Riva) took the lead, peaking at 10% share in July. The end of year was tighter with the Lada Kalina #1 in November and the Priora in December. Discover the monthly Top 25 models rankings below the jump.

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