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Russia November 2010: Lada Kalina #1 for the first time

Russian November car sales are up 80% year-on-year at 189,902 registrations! For the first time ever, the Lada Kalina is number 1 in Russia, with 12,148 sales and 6.4% of the market.

Only 400 sales below stand the Lada Priora (11,753, 6.2%) and the Lada 2105/2017 (11.737, 6.2%) which keeps its #1 spot in the Year-to-date ranking at 124,200 registrations (7.4%).

The Lada Samara is stable in 4th ahead of the Ford Focus and Renault Logan. Strong month for the 33 year-old Lada 4×4 (aka Niva) at #7 with 2.7%, and for the Opel Astra at #8 (2.3%).

Full Top 10 Ranking table below.

1Lada Kalina12,1486.4%397,0885.8%3
2Lada Priora11,7536.2%2113,3256.8%2
3Lada 2105/210711,7376.2%1124,2007.4%1
4Lada Samara8,8534.7%492,6535.5%4
5Ford Focus6,3483.3%558,6823.5%5
6Renault Logan5,8933.1%656,1193.4%6
7Lada 4×45,0432.7%739,6262.4%8
8Opel Astra4,3442.3%826,3051.6%12
9Chevrolet Niva4,2562.2%1630,4971.8%9
10Daewoo Nexia3,7512.0%939,6592.4%7


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