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Russia July 2011: Lada Kalina leads, VW Polo breaks record

VW Polo

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The Russian car market slows down its growth to a still very robust +27% year-on-year at 224,620 registrations, with the year-to-date figure up a whopping 50% at 1,460,062 units. The Lada Kalina jumps back to pole position for the 4th time in the last 9 months with 12,840 sales and 5.7%, reinforcing its 2011 leadership to 85,416 units and 5.9% share, up 66%.

The Lada Priora ranks #2 both in July with 12,122 sales and 5.4% and year-to-date at 80,420 units and 5.5%, up 14%. It is followed by the Lada 2104-7 at 4.6% and the Lada Samara at 4.5%. For the first time since its launch in February, the Hyundai Solaris sees its share shrink month-on-month at 4% and 8,959 sales, still the best-selling ‘foreign’ model by far though, ahead of the Renault Logan (3.5%) and Ford Focus (2.6%).

Excellent performance of the VW Polo, up 3 spots to #8 with 5,460 sales and a best-ever 2.4% market share, it is up to #13 year-to-date at 1.7%. The Chevrolet Cruze also shines, up to 13th place at 4,339 units and 1.9%.

Previous month: see the June 2011 Russian Top 25 here.

Full July 2011 Top 25 Ranking Table below.

Russia July 2011:

1Lada Kalina12,8405.7%285,4165.9%66%13
2Lada Priora12,1225.4%180,4205.5%14%22
3Lada 2104-210710,2804.6%479,7805.5%16%31
4Lada Samara10,0474.5%363,6384.4%7%44
5Hyundai Solaris8,9594.0%549,3103.4%new6 –
6Renault Logan7,7503.5%749,6843.4%41%56
7Ford Focus5,9212.6%644,3593.0%29%75
8VW Polo5,4602.4%1125,5181.7%2131%13 –
9Daewoo Nexia5,3732.4%831,4702.2%38%98
10Lada 4×45,2292.3%932,8022.2%38%87
11Kia Rio4,5962.0%1029,0512.0%80%1013
12Opel Astra4,4502.0%1226,3181.8%128%1212
13Chevrolet Cruze4,3391.9%1919,9221.4%104%1920
14Chevrolet Niva4,2321.9%1627,1051.9%42%119
15Chevrolet Lacetti3,7581.7%1424,0571.6%41%1410
16Renault Sandero3,6401.6%1523,5621.6%204%1519
17Daewoo Matiz3,5811.6%1722,6111.5%34%1611
18Skoda Octavia3,4251.5%1821,3691.5%117%1721
19Nissan Qashqai2,7351.2%2118,6211.3%107%2017
20Kia Cee’d2,2691.0%2216,7951.2%22%2114
21Kia Cerato2,1661.0%2014,5751.0%181%23 –
22Chevrolet Aveo2,1551.0%1320,2491.4%72%1816
23Toyota Corolla2,1491.0%2415,5621.1%99%2225
24Toyota Camry2,0660.9%2312,9430.9%35%25 –





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