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Brazil Full Year 2019: Chevrolet and Onix #1, Renault up to record #4, Jeep, Chery shine in strongest market since 2014 (+7.8%)

The Chevrolet Onix reaches record share and volume in 2019.

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The Brazilian new light vehicle market continues its recovery, with 2019 marking a third straight year of significant gains at +7.6%, equivalent to nearly 200.000 additional annual sales to 2.658.927, the largest volume since 2014, although we are still a long way off the record 3.63 million sales from 2012. Chevrolet (+9.5%) manages a 4th consecutive year in the brands pole position, improving its share to 17.9%, even delivering its first 1-2 models in at least 35 years in September (Onix-Prisma) and December (Onix-Onix Plus). However the next three best-sellers advance even faster: Volkswagen (+12.6%), Fiat (+12.4%) and Renault (+11.3%) all easily beat the market, the latter French carmaker reaching its highest ever annual ranking (#4) and share (9%) in Brazil. This is a significant milestone for Renault whose ranking record was stuck at #5 since at least the early 2000s if not earlier (no brands data available before 2002).

Jeep broke its monthly volume record 6 times in 2019.

Jeep (+21.1%) is the biggest gainer in the Top 10, reaching a record #8. It broke its all-time volume record no less than 6 times in 2019 including 5 consecutive months from March (10.677) to July (12.006), ultimately lifting its best mark to 12.433 in October. Additionally, Jeep posted its 9 largest ever monthly volumes in 2019, all beating the brand’s previous all-time record of 10.304 established in August 2018, now relegated to #10 best score. Citroen (+30.4%), Volvo (+15.8%) and BMW (+15.6%) also shine in the Top 20, but none as much as Chery (+133.6%) up to #14 with over 20.000 sales, securing the third largest annual volume by a Chinese brand below JAC (23.747 in 2011) and itself (21.682 in 2011). In September, Chery broke the all-time monthly ranking record for a Chinese brand at #12 and in October it lodged the largest monthly volume for a Chinese carmaker in almost 8 years – since JAC with 2.402 in  December 2011 – the all-time record remaining in its hands though (3.281 in August 2011).

The Chevrolet Onix Plus already ranks #2 in Brazil in December.

Thanks to a new generation, the Chevrolet Onix (+14.6%) tightens its grip over the Brazilian models ranking even further to reach 9.1% share and over 240.000 sales, both records, also breaking its monthly record at 22.396 in August. The Onix is on an incredible streak of 53 consecutive months at #1, with no interruption since August 2015. The gap over its followers has never been so wide: it sold 2.31x the #2, the Ford Ka (+1%) vs. 1.99x in 2018. Along with the Ka, the Hyundai HB20 (-3.7%) can’t match the market growth and are now at the mercy of the Renault Kwid (+26.4%) posting a fantastic year at #4 overall. An even more serious competitor to the Onix could actually be the Chevrolet Onix Plus, its new generation sedan variant replacing the Prisma and shooting up to #2 and 9.989 sales as early as for its 4th month in market. The Jeep Renegade (+48.3%), Fiat Argo (+25.4%) and Strada (+13.4%) also outpace the market in the remainder of the Top 10, with the VW T-Cross the most popular 2019 launch at #25, peaking at #8 in December.

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