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Italy September 2019: Volkswagen hits highest share this decade (9.9%), places T-Cross #3 in market up 12.9%

The VW T-Cross scores its first ever podium finish in Italy in September.

As is also the case with Spain, the Italian new car market aligns its first double-digit gain in 25 months (since August 2017) at +12.9% to 142.606 registrations, but far from indicating a strong underlying trend, this is simply due to depleted post-WLTP year-ago volumes. Compared to September 2017, a more accurate comparison set, the market is actually down a very worrying -15.7%. The rental channel is the most dynamic at +23.7% to 25.870 units and 18.1% share vs. 16.6% a year ago, including short-term rentals up 12.6% and leases up 34.3%. Private sales roughly match the market at +13.6% to 85.983 and 60.3% share vs. 59.9% while company sales markedly under-perform but are still up at +3.5% to 30.753 and 21.6% share vs. 23.5%. Year-to-date, private sales encouragingly show the most solid results at +2.2% to 840.740 and 57% share vs. 54.8% over the same period in 2019, while rental sales edge up 1.3% to 369.166 and 25% share vs. 24.3% including short-term rentals up 4.1% to 126.677 and leases up 0.3% to 212.955, and company sales freefall -16.2% to 263.890 and 17.9% share vs. 21%. Petrol sales surge 30.4% to 63.681 and 44.7% share vs. 38.6% in September 2018, diesel sales drop -13.9% to 52.166 and 36.6% share vs. 48%, GPL soars 49.7% to 11.052, Hybrid is up 40.3% to 10.949 and EV up 156.8% to 1.253. Year-to-date, petrol is up 27.3% to 642.448 and 43.6% vs. 33.6%, diesel down -24% to 607.985 and 41.3% vs. 53.3%, GPL up 10.7% to 106.820, hybrid up 27.5% to 82.275 and EV up 115.3% to 7.707.

The Volvo XC40 breaks into the Italian Top 50 for the first time this month.

Brand-wise, Fiat (+3.6%) records its first year-on-year gain in two years (since September 2017) but trails the market, resulting in a lower share than a year ago at 13.6%, only its third month below 14% in Italian history after last July (13.1%) and last June (13.5%). In contrast Volkswagen (+44.9%) soars to just under 10% share, its highest this decade, thanks to the success of its new SUV lineup as we’ll see further down. Jeep (+28.2%), Citroen (+21.5%) and Opel (+21%) also easily outpace the market in the remainder of the Top 10 whereas Renault (+11%), Toyota (+5%), Ford (+4.2%), Peugeot (+0.8%) and Mercedes (+0.5%) can’t quite match this month’s market growth rate. Further down, Porsche (+367.6%), Seat (+133.1%), Dacia (+85.4%), Land Rover (+42.7%), Audi (+41.1%), Alfa Romeo (+35.5%), Lancia (+23.5%), Mazda (+23.1%), Honda (+23%) and Mini (+19.8%) all post fantastic scores but most are due to weak post-WLTP year-ago sales, whereas for Tesla (+525%) and DS (+162.9%) we’re looking at healthy gains linked to new launches.

Not dead yet: in its only remaining worldwide market, the Lancia Ypsilon is up 23.5%.

Over in the models ranking, below the Fiat Panda (-6.3%) and Lancia Ypsilon (+23.5%) faithful to their YTD ranking, the VW T-Cross surges 18 spots on August to score its first ever podium finish, distancing the Toyota Yaris (-3.2%), Jeep Renegade (+28.8%), Fiat 500X (+47.9%) and Fiat 500 (+47.9%). The VW T-Roc (-15.2%) drops but secures a 9th consecutive Top 10 finish, as for the Ford Ecosport (-2.9%) it is a fourth ever Top 10 ranking. The Volvo XC40 breaks into the Italian Top 50 for the first time at #38 while the VW Golf (+178.8%), Ford Focus (+137.5%), Renault Twingo (+126.3%), Dacia Duster (+119.7%), VW Tiguan (+109.4%), Dacia Sandero (+100.1%) and Opel Crossland X (+89.2%) post the largest gains in the remainder of the Top 50.

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Full September 2019 Top 45 brands and Top 50 models below.

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