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Italy August 2019: Dacia (+30.5%) places Duster #2 and Sandero #3, Smart Fortwo up to #5 in market down -3.5%

The Dacia Duster is up 50.1% to a record 2nd place overall in Italy.

Unlike Spain or France, Italy wasn’t much affected by pre-WLTP stock clearances a year ago, and as a result August 2019 sales are down a measured -3.5% to 89.353 units, very close to their YTD evolution at -3.3% to 1.330.749. Private sales fare a little worse at -5.6% to 49.575 and 55.5% share vs. 56.7% a year ago, whereas rental sales dive -19.9% to 14.270 and 16% vs. 19.2% in August 2018, with short-term rentals down -11.4% to 1.560, leases down -25.5% to 10.489 and others up 12.8% to 2.221. In fact it’s company sales that post a spectacular +12.8% uptick to 25.508 and 28.5% share vs. 24.1%. The year-to-date situation is very different, with private sale the only island of growth at +1% to 754.491 and 56.7% share vs. 54.3% over the same period in 2018, rental sales edging down a minuscule -0.1% to 343.244 and 25.8% vs. 25% including 123.723 short-term (+3.9%) and 193.248 leases (-2.2%) but company sales (-18.3%) implode to 233.014 and 17.5% share vs. 20.7% over 7 months 2018. Petrol registrations surge 45.2% in August to 39.123 and 27% YTD to 578.645 whereas diesel is down -34.5% to 34.053 this month and -24.9% to 555.598 so far in 2018. GPL is up 18% to 9.020, hybrids up 5.6% to 4.379 and EVs up 181.1% to 534.

The Smart Fortwo breaks into the Italian Top 5 for the first time in its 21-year career.

Brand-wise, Fiat (-8.1%) once again falls faster than its home market but sees its share bounce back up to 14.6%, its highest since last May. Volkswagen (+13.5%) impresses with a double-digit gain at #2 in contrast with Renault (-38.9%) paying the price of too much artificial activity in August 2018 when the Clio spectacularly took the overall lead. The Dacia craze continues in Italy: up 30.5% year-on-year, the low-cost brand scores a 6th consecutive double-digit gain and snaps the title of largest gainer in the Top 10 for the 6th month in a row. Stuck at a record 7th place for the past 4 months and a record 5% share for the past two, Dacia smashes both these records in August to leap up to #4 overall with 6.6% share. Only Opel (+1.9%) and Peugeot (+0.2%) also manage a gain in the Top 10 where Jeep (-27%) and Citroen (-12%) freefall while Toyota (-5.6%) and Ford (-6.7%) somewhat contain their fall. Outside the Top 10, Tesla (+352%), Smart (+296.8%), Lancia (+95.8%), Ferrari (+85.7%), Lamborghini (+83.3%), Land Rover (+74.9%), Lexus (+50.2%), Jaguar (+49.2%) and Audi (+28%) all post very impressive gains, but the winner among them all is DR Motor up 1138.2%, smashing all its records at #23 with 941 sales and 1.1% share, eclipsing the #31, 612 sales and 0.4% reached just last month.

First Top 50 finish for the DR Zero – a rebadged Chery QQ.

Over in the models ranking, below the Fiat Panda (+61.4%) faithful to its traditional pole position, Dacia spectacularly hijacks the Italian podium with the Duster (+50.1%) up 5 spots on July to a record 2nd place overall (previous best #3 last April) and the Sandero (+13%) up one rank on a record 4th place in July. This is the first time Dacia places both its star nameplates on the monthly podium of any of the Top 5 main European markets (Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain). The previous Italian record was two Dacias in the Top 7 both in June and July 2019. The Lancia Ypsilon (+95.8%) is knocked down to #4 despite almost doubling its sales year-on-year. But the records don’t stop here: the Smart Fortwo (+310%) multiplies its August 2018 score by four, up 21 spots on July to land at #5, its first ever incursion in the Italian Top 5 and only third ever Top 10 finish after May 2012 (#10) and November 2013 (#10). At #8, the Ford Ecosport (+15%) also scores its third ever Top 10 month in Italy after last September (#6) and last October (#8). Finally the VW T-Roc (+84%) confirms it is the brand’s best-seller and extend its streak of consecutive Top 10 finishes to 8 months. The VW T-Cross is down 6 spots on July to #21 but still leads recent launches above the DR Zero cracking the Top 50 for the first time at #41 and the Toyota Corolla at #48.

Previous month: Italy July 2019: Fiat sinks to lowest-ever share for 5th time in 12 months at 13.1%, Dacia up 53.6%, Sandero up to highest ever #4

One year ago: Italy August 2018: Renault Clio first foreigner #1, Jeep Compass on podium

Full August 2019 Top 45 brands and Top 50 models below.

Italy August 2019 – brands:

22Alfa Romeo1,1311.3%-68.7%2117,7111.3%-50.5%2218
23DR Motor9411.1%1138.2%313,1040.2%287.0%3236
26Land Rover6210.7%74.9%2511,1760.8%-8.2%2525
42Aston Martin60.0%100.0%43440.0%144.4%4244
45Great Wall00.0%n/a41410.0%1950.0%4345
 –Others530.1%89.3% –3290.0%29.5% – –

Italy August 2019 – models:

1Fiat Panda6,0336.8%61.4%196,8437.3%22.5%11
2Dacia Duster2,8993.2%50.1%730,9282.3%56.5%421
3Dacia Sandero2,5122.8%13.0%426,7712.0%30.1%919
4Lancia Ypsilon2,5022.8%95.8%241,5033.1%30.1%24
5Smart Fortwo2,1282.4%310.0%2611,8760.9%6.6%3234
6Jeep Renegade2,0352.3%-3.6%330,5842.3%3.2%55
7Fiat 500X2,0282.3%-32.3%529,6852.2%-23.9%73
8Ford Ecosport1,9962.2%15.0%1321,1911.6%10.5%1620
9Jeep Compass1,9642.2%-34.6%1025,9081.9%-10.5%1012
10VW T-Roc1,9082.1%84.0%928,9512.2%100.2%823
11Fiat 5001,8042.0%150.2%2225,3581.9%-16.2%119
12Citroen C31,7672.0%-16.9%629,6982.2%-1.7%66
13Opel Karl1,6851.9%72.6%1417,5991.3%52.9%2129
14Peugeot 2081,6721.9%-0.2%1122,6641.7%-3.9%1415
15Renault Clio1,6521.8%-62.5%832,7242.5%-15.2%32
16Renault Captur1,4931.7%-27.7%1220,8631.6%-3.6%1817
17Peugeot 20081,3111.5%67.2%1916,5081.2%12.3%2425
18Fiat 500L1,2731.4%-38.9%2822,5411.7%-21.8%1514
19Ford Fiesta1,2361.4%-29.4%1620,9151.6%-30.7%1710
20Fiat Tipo1,1911.3%-50.4%2419,5781.5%-43.1%198
21VW T-Cross1,1561.3%new159,7780.7%new39 –
22Renault Kadjar1,1461.3%29.1%2712,6911.0%19.4%3039
23Toyota Yaris1,1151.2%-36.9%1724,8271.9%-5.7%1311
24VW Golf1,0851.2%3.6%2319,4721.5%-29.8%2013
25VW Tiguan1,0211.1%-34.9%2016,2681.2%-29.0%2616
26VW Polo1,0181.1%-39.1%1825,1541.9%-14.9%127
27Opel Corsa8771.0%-17.7%3316,4241.2%1.4%2524
28Nissan Qashqai8741.0%-36.8%2517,3881.3%-18.2%2218
29VW Up!8731.0%35.8%2911,9580.9%9.6%3130
30Toyota Aygo7860.9%32.3%3210,2780.8%11.2%3743
31Peugeot 30087730.9%-34.4%2116,6111.2%-0.7%2322
32Citroen C3 Aircross7180.8%-21.1%3413,5221.0%8.5%2731
33Mercedes A Class6830.8%41.4%3012,7681.0%37.3%2940
34Kia Picanto6570.7%9.0%478,3960.6%20.1%4350
35Ford Kuga6560.7%-31.6%3510,8990.8%-11.0%3532
36Opel Crossland X6380.7%-20.6%3112,8651.0%19.9%2837
37Toyota RAV46250.7%98.4%n/a7,0090.5%36.9%n/a74
38Ford Ka+6210.7%77.9%398,8150.7%14.9%4149
39Kia Stonic6150.7%n/a377,0780.5%n/a5171
40Hyundai i105990.7%27.4%407,0430.5%-5.8%5247
41DR Zero5890.7%8314.3%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
42Toyota C-HR5730.6%-25.2%3611,2090.8%-14.2%3427
43Hyundai i205680.6%n/an/a4,4520.3%n/an/a69
44Smart Forfour5590.6%n/an/a5,9930.5%n/an/a61
45Opel Mokka X5410.6%-29.3%4210,1700.8%-24.9%3828
46BMW X15310.6%6.8%n/a7,6730.6%-8.9%4846
47Ford Focus5200.6%58.1%5011,2360.8%22.6%3344
48Toyota Corolla5130.6%newn/a5,3700.4%newn/a –
49Renault Scenic5030.6%-29.5%n/a4,1060.3%-35.2%n/a64
50Peugeot 3084930.6%-25.4%4510,7380.8%-5.1%3636

Source: UNRAE

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