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Italy November 2018: Fiat marks 12 consecutive months of double-digit losses, market down 6.8%

The Panda swims upstream in the midst of Fiat debacle: +16% in November.

After -25.5% in September and -8% in October, the Italian market continues to slowly recover from post-WLTP hangover with November deliveries down another 6.8% to 148.024 units, pulling the year-to-date tally down 3.6% to 1.798.078. Following a Europe-wide pattern after the WLTP disruption, private sales (+4.4%) fare well at 95.779 and 64.7% share vs. 57.7% a year ago in November 2017, because July and August sales were artificially boosted by fleet and rental pre-WLTP push and are now paying the price: company sales are down 25.3% to 27.138 and 18.3% share vs. 22.9% a year ago and rental sales dive 18.5% to 25.107 and 17% share vs. 19.4% a year ago – short term rentals (-32.9%) being hit harder than long-term/leases (-18.2%). The year-to-date picture is very different with rental sales up 0.2% to 414.517 and 23.1% share vs. 22.2% over the same period in 2017, short-term down 8.3% but long-term up 2%, private sales slip 3.2% to 1.014.963 and 56.4% share vs. 56.2% and company sales skid 8.3% to 368.598 and 20.5% share vs. 21.6% a year ago. Diesel sales (-25.6%) “finally” catch up with the rest of Europe in their freefall but Italy is one of the last remaining market where they are still superior to petrol sales (+26.7%) at 66.771 and 45.1% share vs. 60.265 and 40.7%, the YTD situation being even more in favour of diesel at 931.980 and 51.8% (-11.9%) vs. 626.525 and 34.8% (+5.8%) for petrol. GPL sales are down 6.2% to 10.558, hybrid up 17% to 8.028 and EV up 200% to 462. Absolutely all segments register a year-on-year drop except crossovers (+14%) at 46.615 and 31.5% share vs. 25.7% in November 2017. Small MPVs (-59.9%) and compact MPVs (-58.6%) are the hardest hit.

The Lancia Ypsilon records its first year-on-year gain since August 2017.

Fiat (-15.4%) celebrates a sad anniversary at home: one full year or 12 consecutive months of double-digit declines leading to its second lowest-ever market share at 15.01% after hitting an all-time low of 14.98% last September. November also marks the 4th straight month at 15.5% or less for Fiat in Italy, something that never happened before in the history of the marque. If Renault (-32.9%) and Ford (-13%) are also in difficulty this month, there are some very impressive upticks in the Top 10: Volkswagen (+12.2%) has now well and truly recovered from its WLTP woes and cements a 2nd place it also holds year-to-date, while Dacia (+42.6%) is up a splendid 8 spots on October to #9, breaking into the Italian Top 10 for the third time in the past 10 months after last February (#9) and August (#7) and Jeep (+34.4%) hits 4.8% share, its third highest in history below last August (6.2%) and May (5%). In the Top 25, Lancia (+13.9%) rallies back up but is now only relying on the Ypsilon for survival at home, Suzuki (+17.3%) and Volvo (+21.2%) being the only two other carmakers posting double-digit gains with Seat (+7%) and Skoda (+6.8%) also dong well. Below, Mahindra (+568.4%), DR Motor (+454.5%), Lamborghini (+133.3%), Mitsubishi (+114.3%), Jaguar (+88.2%) and DS (+37.7%) lodge spectacular gains but all remain at or below 0.6% share.

All-time record ranking for the Dacia Sandero.

Over in the models ranking, the Fiat Panda (+16%) can celebrate its first year-on-year sales gain in exactly a year (since October 2017) while in 2nd place the Lancia Ypsilon (+14%) can sport its first gain since August 2017. The Renault Clio (+4%) is back on the podium for the first time since its historical win last August, ahead of the Toyota Yaris (-1%) and Jeep Renegade (+8%). The Dacia Sandero soars 73% year-on-year and 14 spots on October to land in 6th place, equalling its all-time ranking record also hit last August. The Jeep Compass (+85%) also shine and resumes its stint among Italy’s 10 favourite nameplates, even outselling the VW Golf (-24%) and Citroen C3 (-18%). The Ford Focus (+261%), Kia Picanto (+77%), Audi A3 (+75%), Opel Karl (+61%), Toyota C-HR (+51%), Toyota Aygo (+46%), Audi Q2 (+42%), VW Polo (+39%), Dacia Duster (+36%), Ford Ecosport (+33%), VW Up! (+29%), Opel Crossland X (+22%), Peugeot 3008 (+20%) and VW Tiguan (+17%) also shine in the Top 50. Heavy losses include the Fiat Punto (-81%), Alfa Romeo Giulietta (-55%), Fiat 500L (-49%), Alfa Romeo Stelvo (-47%), Fiat Tipo (-41%), VW Passat (-38%), Renault Kadjar (-37%), Hyundai i10 (-34%), Renault Captur (-33%) and Ford Fiesta (-30%).

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Full November 2018 Top 45 brands and Top 50 models below.

Italy November 2018 – brands:

22Alfa Romeo1,8511.3%-53.8%2341,1912.3%2.4%1818
25Land Rover1,4231.0%-9.8%2416,3500.9%-7.2%2523
35DR Motor1830.1%454.5%331,3290.1%217.2%3638
43Aston Martin30.0%50.0%42260.0%-28.1%4443
45Great Wall00.0%n/a –20.0%100.0%4545
 –Others210.0%-4.6% –3310.0%2.2% – –

Italy November 2018 – models:

1Fiat Panda12,3668.4%16%1113,7246.3%-17%11
2Lancia Ypsilon4,4633.0%14%244,2002.5%-23%42
3Renault Clio3,7142.5%4%448,2692.7%0%25
4Toyota Yaris3,6852.5%-1%337,2322.1%9%1114
5Jeep Renegade3,6102.4%8%1038,4952.1%10%712
6Dacia Sandero3,4632.3%73%2026,8421.5%4%1821
7Fiat 500X3,3342.3%-7%1247,0462.6%11%37
8Jeep Compass3,0932.1%85%1735,9912.0%449%1276
9VW Golf2,9872.0%-24%1533,5771.9%-9%1310
10Citroen C32,9362.0%-18%638,8912.2%-1%58
11VW Tiguan2,9242.0%17%2228,7051.6%5%1618
12Peugeot 2082,6561.8%1%1131,3781.7%-6%1515
13Dacia Duster2,5871.7%36%2625,0561.4%16%2122
14Fiat 5002,4981.7%-22%938,2822.1%-25%84
15VW Up!2,3301.6%29%2716,5250.9%10%3133
16VW Polo2,3141.6%39%537,7612.1%2%1011
17Ford Fiesta2,2761.5%-30%737,8362.1%-1%99
18Ford Ecosport2,2271.5%33%826,7471.5%48%2026
19Peugeot 30082,0761.4%20%1823,0331.3%48%2230
20Renault Captur2,0751.4%-33%2126,8221.5%-1%1917
21Peugeot 20081,9341.3%9%1920,1341.1%-7%2623
22Opel Corsa1,7701.2%-15%2920,9651.2%-24%2519
23Nissan Qashqai1,7451.2%-12%1427,6341.5%-3%1716
24Toyota C-HR1,6921.1%51%2417,8251.0%13%2832
25Fiat Tipo1,6381.1%-41%3138,7452.2%-27%63
26VW T-Roc1,6071.1%new1321,8871.2%new23189
27Opel Karl1,5521.0%61%1617,5291.0%70%2948
28Citroen C3 Aircross1,5401.0%n/a3216,4300.9%n/a33135
29Hyundai Tucson1,4191.0%-10%3914,3270.8%-27%3625
30Ford Kuga1,4060.9%-15%3016,4680.9%-3%3227
31Audi A31,3580.9%75%3513,1930.7%-2%4138
32Ford Focus1,3520.9%261%4012,1900.7%-6%4439
33Opel Mokka1,3510.9%-17%2517,9541.0%-33%2720
34Mercedes A Class1,3480.9%18%3313,0980.7%-5%4236
35Smart Fortwo1,3340.9%-5%2815,5220.9%-9%3428
36Toyota Aygo1,3310.9%46%4112,9040.7%5%4342
37Opel Crossland X1,2460.8%22%4713,6520.8%n/a3991
38BMW X11,1450.8%-17%4411,4470.6%-6%4641
39Fiat 500L1,1280.8%-49%2332,7261.8%-21%146
40Renault Kadjar1,0840.7%-37%5013,2120.7%1%4037
41Audi Q21,0840.7%42%3710,2150.6%-4%4847
42Peugeot 3081,0620.7%2%4314,4280.8%3%3535
43Hyundai i101,0210.7%-34%3410,8300.6%-25%4734
44Mercedes GLA1,0050.7%n/a458,1130.5%3%5770
45Kia Sportage9900.7%-10%4213,7630.8%-6%3729
46Hyundai Kona9710.7%new388,9530.5%new51171
47Mini Countryman9220.6%-18%46n/an/an/an/a61
48Kia Picanto8970.6%77%369,8500.5%31%5072
50Suzuki Ignis8520.6%28%488,5940.5%1%5262

Source: UNRAE

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