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Italy January-April 2020: Now with Top 120 models

The BMW 3 Series goes from #87 in 2019 to #57 so far in 2020. Picture

We can now share with you a more detailed YTD models ranking for Italy over the first four months of 2020. Outside the familiar Top 50, notice the Range Rover Evoque up to #54, the BMW 3 Series up 30 ranks on its FY2019 position to #57, the Skoda Fabia up to #61, Mazda CX-30 up to #69, Renault Zoe up to #72, Peugeot 5008 up ro #75, Seat Leon up to #80 and the Suzuki Jimny up 60 spots on its FY2019 ranking to #86. Among recent launches, the Skoda Kamiq is up to #91, the Kia Xceed to #92 and the DS 3 Crossback to #107.

Consult the full ranking here: Italy April 2020: Coronavirus freezes market down -97.5% to smallest April volume since 1948, Renault Zoe #2

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