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Italy 1973: Fiat 128 and 127 fight it out, Fiat 126 on podium

Fiat 128

Fiat 127

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In 1973 the Fiat 128 is the best-selling car in Italy for the 2nd year in a row, but the race was close with the Fiat 127 still gearing up 2 years after its launch. The 128 is at 200,445 sales after 11 months, down 16% on the same period in 1972, while the 127 is up 2% to 182,056 units and would end up the year at 200,600… It’s interesting to note that at a European level the roles are reversed, with the Fiat 127 leading overall sales on the continent ahead of.. the Fiat 128!

Fiat 126

However the big event this year is the arrival on the podium of the Fiat 126, launched the replace the 500, ranking directly #3 with 146,543 sales in 11 months. The Fiat 500 logically drops 56% and one spot to #4 at 78,265 units. With the Fiat 124 in 5th position, Fiat places 5 models in the Italian Top 5, a rare feat.

Alfa Romeo Alfasud

Two new Alfa Romeos arrive in the Top 10 this year: the Alfasud at #8 with 41,675 sales and the Alfetta at #9 with 31,344 sales. The Renault 5 becomes the best-selling foreign model in the country at #10 and 28,732 units, ahead of the Simca 1000, Ford Escort and VW Beetle.

Thanks to the UNRAE team, I can now share with you the Top 20 best-selling brands and most produced models for 1973 (see ‘Read more’). 1973 is the first year a brand other than Fiat manages to sell over 100,000 units: Alfa Romeo is the 2nd best-selling brand in the country with 123,503 sales.

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Full 11 months 1973 Top 65 Ranking Table below.

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