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Vietnam: 2003-2023 Historical Data now available

Up until 2021, the Kia Morning was the only non-Toyota to lead the Vietnamese market: in 2011.

Historical data spanning two decades is now available on BestSellingCarsBlog. If you have any information about the Vietnamese car market prior to 2003 please make sure to get in touch by commenting on this post.

You can find all the direct links to the annual articles below:

Vietnam 2003-2005: Toyota Zace in the lead

Vietnam 2006: Toyota Innova starts with a bang

Vietnam 2007-2008: Toyota Innova, Honda Civc and Daewoo Captiva on podium

Vietnam 2009: Toyota Innova under threat from Corolla and Fortuner

Vietnam 2010: Toyota Innova and Fortuner fight it out

Vietnam 2011: Kia Morning ends Toyota domination

Vietnam 2012: Toyota Fortuner #1 for the first time

Vietnam 2013: Top 5 100% Toyota, Fortuner #1 again

Vietnam 2014: Toyota Vios best-seller for the first time

Vietnam 2015: Toyota Vios stays #1, Mazda3 up 3-fold to #6

Vietnam 2016: Toyota Vios leads market above 300.000 units

Vietnam 2017: Toyota Vios tightens grip on market down 10.4%

Vietnam 2018: Toyota takes the lead, Vios #1 for the 5th straight year

Vietnam 2019: Toyota Vios and Mitsubishi Xpander top record market (+12.4%)

Vietnam 2020: Market down just -7.8%, Hyundai and Toyota Vios lead, VinFast lands

Vietnam 2021: VinFast Fadil ends 9 years of Toyota dominance in market up 2.5%

Vietnam 2022: Toyota Vios reclaims lead in record market (+24.1%)

Vietnam 2023: Mitsubishi Xpander takes the lead, market off -23.7%

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