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Poland: 1992-2020 Historical Data now available

fso-polonez-caro-poland-1992FSO Polonez

* See links to the 21 Historical Data posts below *

Historical sales data covering the last three decades is now available on BestSellingCarsBlog for Poland. Back in 1992, Polish brand FSO (Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych) places the Polonez Caro, a rebodied Fiat 125p built under licence from Fiat, atop the sales charts with a huge 18.1% market share. Daewoo is on fire in the nineties with the Tico and Lanos at #1 and #2 in 1998.

After the the Fiat Cinquecento holds a 11% market share in 1997 while the dated Fiat 126 still has 10%, locally-produced Fiat Seicento tops the ranking 5 times between 1997 and 2002, hitting in 1999 what will probably remain for many decades the highest annual volume reached by a single model in Poland: 83,391 units sold for a 13% share of a record market (640,183 registrations).

The Seicento then gives the relay to the Skoda Fabia, #1 between 2003 and 2008 with one interruption by the Fiat Panda in 2004. Polish customers have since upgraded to the Skoda Octavia, best-seller in the country since 2009, only to be interrupted by the Fabia in 2013 and 2017.

Fiat Seicento Poland 2002Fiat Seicento

Poland 1992: FSO Polonez Caro and Fiat 126 dominate

Poland 1997: Fiat Cinquecento and FSO Polonez on top 

Poland 1998: Daewoo’s year: Tico and Lanos best-sellers

Poland 1999-2000: Fiat Seicento & Daewoo Matiz rule

Poland 2001: Fiat Seicento #1, Skoda Fabia arrives

Poland 2002: Last year of reign for the Fiat Seicento

Skoda Fabia PolandSkoda Fabia

Poland 2003: Skoda Fabia takes the lead

Poland 2004: Fiat Panda best seller

Poland 2005: Skoda Fabia back in pole position

Poland 2006: Skoda Fabia and Opel Astra dominate

Poland 2007: Skoda Fabia and Octavia in command

Poland 2008: Skoda Octavia closes in on Fabia

Skoda Octavia PolandSkoda Octavia

Poland 2009: Skoda Octavia new leader

Poland 2010: Skoda Octavia, Fabia and Opel Astra on podium

Poland 2011: Skoda Octavia and Fabia still in command

Poland 2012: Skoda Octavia #1, Dacia Duster in Top 10

Poland 2013: Skoda Fabia edges past Octavia

Poland 2014: Skoda Octavia reclaims top spot

Poland 2015: Skoda Fabia catches up on Octavia

Poland 2016: Opel Astra catches up with Skoda Octavia, Fabia

Poland 2017: Skoda Fabia leads for second time in ten years

Poland 2018: Skoda Octavia back in charge in record market

Poland 2019: Skoda Octavia resists Toyota Corolla for now, Dacia Duster leads Private Sales in record market (+4.1%)

Poland 2020: Toyota overtakes Skoda to #1 brand, Octavia remains #1 model in market down -22.9%

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