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Poland June 2021: Toyota Corolla and Yaris top YTD charts, sales up 21.3%

The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling vehicle in Poland so far in 2021.

New car sales in Poland gain 21.3% year-on-year in June to 42.605, bringing the year-to-date tally up 35% to 238.654 units. Business fleets account for 73.6% of the market year-to-date at 175.664 units while private sales hold a 26.4% share at 62.990 sales. Toyota (+65.9%) vastly outperforms the market and widens the gap with a struggling Skoda (-25.8%) to almost 2.700 sales and over 6 percentage points of market share. Kia (+86.9%) performs even better and advances to #3, toppling Volkswagen (+18.2%). Hyundai (+121.7%) scores the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 15, up to #5 ahead of Dacia (+14.8%) underperforming but up to #6 vs. #9 YTD, BMW (+36.8%) and Audi (+48%). Renault (-23%) is in difficulty while Opel (+33.8%) rounds out the Top 10 in very dynamic fashion. Further down, Fiat and Seat point their bonnet inside the Top 15, a feat they don’t achieve YTD where Volvo and Peugeot replace them.

After snapping the brands top spot off Skoda over the Full Year 2020, Toyota moves on to dominating the models ranking. Indeed halfway through the year in the YTD charts, the Toyota Corolla (+59.2%) and Yaris (+50.8%) overtake the Skoda Octavia (+20.2%) to allow Toyota a spectacular 1-2 in Poland. The June ranking differs however. The Toyota Corolla (+106.7%) easily retains the top spot but is now followed by the Dacia Duster (+9.6%) and Toyota RAV4 (+101.1%). The Skoda Octavia (-6.1%) ranks at #4 above the Toyota Yaris (-5.4%). Spectacular surge by the Hyundai i30 (+554.5%) up 6 spots on its YTD level at #6 vs. #12 so far in 2021. Below a struggling Skoda Fabia (-35.6%), the Kia Sportage (+121.6%), Hyundai Tucson (+66.5%) and Toyota C-HR (+31%) all post market-beating gains in the remainder of the Top 10. Further down, notice the Toyota Camry (+243.9%), Kia Xceed (+173.5%), Kia Ceed (+158.2%), Suzuki Vitara (+123%), Audi Q5 (+102.4%) and Dacia Sandero (+101%) all more than doubling their sales year-on-year.

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Full June and YTD 2021 Top 15 brands and Top 50 models below.

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