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Poland August 2020: Toyota (+15%), Fiat (+19.5%), BMW (+7.7%) defy ghastly month (-28.6%)

The Toyota Yaris is up 86.4% in a market down -28.6%.

04/09: This article has now been updated with full month data. A previous version only included 20 days in August.

Facing a second wave of infections more virulent than the first from mid-July onwards, Poland had to impose new restrictions throughout August and as a result new car sales for the month crater -28.6% year-on-year to just 33.756 units, leading to a year-to-date tally down -31.5% to 251.879. This is with Romania the steepest August fall we have reported so far in Europe. Toyota (-15%) completely bucks the negative trend with a double-digit gain to easily top the charts with 15.3% share, also reclaiming the YTD top spot at 14.1%. Skoda (-13.3%) is relegated to 2nd place in both August and YTD while Kia (-6.8%) steps up to #3 for the month thanks to a solid hold. Fiat (+19.5%), BMW (+7.7%) and Mercedes (+2.6%) also manage an uptick in the remainder of the Top 15, whereas Volkswagen (-57.6%), Opel (-55.1%), Dacia (-49.2%) and Nissan (-43.4%) are hit the hardest.

Model-wise, the Skoda Octavia (+23.8%) soars thanks to the new generation and reclaims the YTD top spot off the Toyota Corolla (-14.4%). Toyota places 4 nameplates in the Top 7, adding the Yaris (+86.4%) boosted by the new model, the C-HR (+73%) and RAV4 (+38%) all in gravity-defying shape. The Dacia Duster (-41.2%) is down two spots on July to #4, with the Skoda Fabia (-30%) in difficulty and rounding out the Top 5. The Renault Clio (-4.9%) also resists well in the remainder of the Top 10 but the Opel Astra (-49.5%) implodes. Other great performers below include the Kia Stonic (+22.9%), Ford Focus (+5.6%), Hyundai Kona (#25) and Mercedes A-Class (#32) while the Skoda Kamiq (#19) tops recent launches above the Ford Puma (#29), Toyota Proace City Verso (#35) and Kia Xceed (#44).

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One year ago: Poland August 2019: Toyota Corolla (+156.1%), Dacia Duster (+105.8%) oust Skoda Octavia and Fabia from podium

Full August 2020 Top 15 brands and Top 50 models below.

Poland August 2020 – brands:


Poland August 2020 – models:

1Skoda Octavia1,8058.7%23.8%110,8934.6%-19.9%11
2Toyota Corolla1,5577.5%-14.4%410,7114.5%-8.9%22
3Toyota Yaris1,4136.8%86.4%39,1463.8%2.6%35
4Dacia Duster1,0174.9%-41.2%27,2813.0%-34.9%54
5Skoda Fabia8924.3%-30.0%58,2573.5%-31.4%43
6Toyota C-HR8153.9%73.0%65,1462.2%4.6%814
7Toyota RAV47483.6%38.0%145,4652.3%29.6%619
8Renault Clio5962.9%-4.9%85,3132.2%-14.3%79
9Opel Astra5772.8%-49.5%132,9071.2%-69.2%226
10VW Tiguan5472.6%-28.6%93,5681.5%-35.6%1410
11Kia Sportage5162.5%-11.9%173,3281.4%-30.6%1820
12Kia Ceed5162.5%-15.0%213,1821.3%-33.4%2017
13Fiat Tipo5092.5%-13.1%124,2041.8%-30.6%108
14Nissan Qashqai4912.4%-47.5%163,3591.4%-37.0%1615
15Ford Focus4872.3%5.6%113,7441.6%-33.9%1211
16Hyundai i304682.3%-4.9%272,0530.9%-49.7%3524
17Seat Leon4182.0%-59.6%182,6021.1%-35.6%2526
18Hyundai Tucson3921.9%-27.3%243,6031.5%-29.5%1312
19Skoda Kamiq3671.8%new203,3531.4%new17n/a
20Renault Captur3581.7%-3.5%312,1220.9%-16.6%3341
21Skoda Scala3521.7%-24.6%263,4721.5%n/a1544
22Skoda Superb3461.7%-15.0%193,9261.6%-15.5%1113
23Kia Stonic3441.7%22.9%282,2871.0%5.7%2847
24VW Passat3211.5%-36.7%153,2531.4%-29.9%1918
25Hyundai Kona3151.5%n/an/a1,5440.6%n/a42n/a
26VW Golf3131.5%-80.9%74,2771.8%-54.7%97
27Suzuki Vitara3121.5%-70.1%481,3420.6%-60.0%4837
28Opel Corsa3101.5%-66.2%372,1530.9%-62.4%3216
29Ford Puma3031.5%new38n/an/anewn/a –
30Ford Kuga2961.4%-24.3%n/an/an/an/an/a30
31Hyundai i202741.3%-23.9%332,1590.9%-28.0%3135
32Mercedes A-Class2741.3%n/a451,6950.7%n/a38n/a
33BMW 3 Series2681.3%-12.7%292,0560.9%-17.2%3434
34VW T-Roc2591.2%-53.0%102,4441.0%-21.6%2633
35Toyota Proace City Verso2571.2%newn/an/an/anewn/a –
36VW Caddy2531.2%-12.5%35n/an/an/an/a43
37Renault Megane2491.2%-33.6%232,3251.0%-44.1%2722
38Toyota Aygo2421.2%-9.4%392,7201.1%-1.7%2332
39Ford Mondeo2401.2%n/an/an/an/an/an/a46
40Volvo XC602311.1%3.6%222,9711.2%1.3%2131
41Opel Crossland X2291.1%n/a321,5580.7%n/a41n/a
42Fiat 5002281.1%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
43Honda Civic2261.1%-31.5%n/a1,3570.6%n/a47n/a
44Kia Xceed2251.1%new441,7490.7%new37n/a
45Mercedes GLC Coupe2231.1%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
46Skoda Karoq2231.1%-26.9%252,6881.1%-20.2%2428
47Peugeot 2082181.1%n/a431,5250.6%n/a44n/a
48Audi A32161.0%n/a40n/an/an/an/an/a
49Nissan Juke2091.0%-48.1%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
50Kia Rio2091.0%n/an/a1,6300.7%n/a40n/a
n/aDacia Sandero2021.0%-64.9%342,1800.9%-57.7%2921
n/aSkoda Kodiaq1950.9%-49.6%302,1700.9%-29.7%3027
n/aCitroen C31620.8%-58.9%411,6560.7%-45.3%3936
n/aMazda CX-301500.7%newn/a1,3380.6%new49n/a
n/aBMW X51380.7%n/an/a1,3330.6%n/a50n/a
n/aSeat Arona1340.6%-55.5%461,4700.6%n/a46n/a
n/aVolvo XC401260.6%n/a361,8190.8%n/a36n/a
n/aVW T-Cross1150.6%-67.2%501,5300.6%n/a43n/a
n/aAudi Q51080.5%-66.6%n/a1,5060.6%n/a45n/a

Source: SAMAR

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      1. SAMAR is publishing also 10 days and 20 days reports. Above figures were reported last week of August. Full August data is expected by this week.

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