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Poland September 2020: Toyota (+38%), Mercedes (+23.1%), Skoda (+18.5%) help trigger first market lift of 2020 (+7.6%)

The Toyota Camry breaks its ranking record in Poland to #19.

The Polish new car market ends a dreadful streak of 8 consecutive months of double-digit year-on-year falls in September at +7.6% to 37.419 units, leading to a year-to-date tally down -28.1% to 289.298 sales. Toyota (+38%) posts the largest gain in the Top 10 to reach 16% share vs. 14.3% so far this year, keeping Skoda (+18.5%) at a distance at 14% vs. 13.9%. Volkswagen (+3.9%) and Ford (+3.3%) are both back up one spot on last month to #3 and #4 respectively despite trailing the market, while Mercedes (+23.1%) soars to 5th overall above Kia (-19.4%) and Hyundai (+19.5%). Audi (+79.7%), Fiat (+9.6%) and Renault (+8.7%) also outpace the market in the remainder of the Top 15.

Model-wise, the Top 5 returns to its YTD order with the Skoda Octavia (+49.4%) surging in pole position above the Toyota Corolla (+8.2%), Yaris (+55.8%), Skoda Fabia (+3.5%) and Dacia Duster (-7%). The Toyota C-HR (+86.7%), Renault Clio (+47.8%), VW Tiguan (+31.2%) and Ford Focus (+13.9%) also post spectacular upticks in the remainder of the Top 10. Further down, the Toyota Camry (+78.3%) reappears in the Polish Top 50 and breaks its ranking record at #19 vs. #20 last May.

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Full September 2020 Top 15 brands and Top 50 models below.

Poland September 2020 – brands:


Poland September 2020 – models:

1Skoda Octavia2,1295.7%49.4%113,0224.5%-13.4%11
2Toyota Corolla1,8895.0%8.2%212,6004.4%-6.7%22
3Toyota Yaris1,3633.6%55.8%310,5093.6%7.4%35
4Skoda Fabia1,0082.7%3.5%59,2653.2%-28.8%43
5Dacia Duster9222.5%-7.0%48,2032.8%-32.6%54
6Toyota C-HR8982.4%86.7%66,0442.1%11.9%714
7Ford Focus8052.2%13.9%154,5491.6%-28.6%1111
8VW Golf7352.0%7.9%265,0121.7%-50.5%97
9Renault Clio7302.0%47.8%86,0432.1%-9.7%89
10VW Tiguan7031.9%31.2%104,2711.5%-29.7%1310
11Fiat Tipo7021.9%38.2%134,9061.7%-25.3%108
12Toyota RAV46341.7%14.9%76,0992.1%27.9%619
13Opel Astra5961.6%-40.2%93,5031.2%-66.4%216
14Hyundai Tucson5951.6%35.5%184,1981.5%-24.4%1412
15Skoda Superb5721.5%-1.7%224,4981.6%-14.0%1213
16Toyota Aygo5101.4%50.4%383,2301.1%4.0%2332
17Nissan Qashqai4931.3%50.8%143,8521.3%-31.9%1515
18VW Passat4871.3%48.5%243,7401.3%-24.8%1918
19Toyota Camry4861.3%79.3%n/a1,7890.6%n/a42n/a
20Hyundai i304551.2%75.7%162,5080.9%-42.2%2924
21Kia Sportage4411.2%-0.7%113,7691.3%-28.1%1720
22Volvo XC604231.1%6.3%403,3941.2%1.9%2231
23Skoda Kamiq4121.1%new193,7651.3%new18n/a
24Kia Ceed3651.0%-28.7%123,5471.2%-32.9%2017
25Skoda Kodiaq3571.0%-8.2%n/a2,5270.9%-27.3%2827
26Mercedes GLA3561.0%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
27Opel Corsa3550.9%-65.1%282,5080.9%-62.8%3016
28Skoda Scala3450.9%11.3%213,8171.3%n/a1644
29Ford Kuga3450.9%59.7%30n/an/an/an/a30
30Mercedes A-Class3390.9%43.6%322,0340.7%n/a36n/a
31Seat Leon3300.9%54.9%172,9321.0%-31.1%2526
32BMW 3 Series3230.9%-36.4%332,3790.8%-20.5%3434
33Renault Captur3210.9%39.6%202,4430.8%-11.9%3141
34Suzuki Vitara3200.9%424.6%271,6620.6%-51.4%4637
35Renault Megane3140.8%-9.2%372,6390.9%-41.4%2622
36Skoda Karoq2950.8%-25.7%462,9831.0%-20.8%2428
37Audi Q32880.8%n/an/a1,5700.5%n/a49n/a
38Hyundai i202810.8%-13.8%312,4400.8%-26.6%3335
39Peugeot 2082590.7%n/a471,7840.6%n/a44n/a
40Hyundai Kona2510.7%n/a251,7950.6%n/a41n/a
41Ford Puma2510.7%new291,5760.5%new48 –
42Opel Crossland X2360.6%n/a411,7840.6%n/a43n/a
43VW Caddy2320.6%-11.1%36n/an/an/an/a43
44Kia Rio2300.6%n/a501,8600.6%n/a39n/a
45Mercedes GLC2250.6%-25.0%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
46Suzuki Swift2230.6%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
47Mercedes GLC Coupe2210.6%n/a45n/an/an/an/an/a
48Kia Xceed2160.6%new441,9650.7%new38n/a
49Ford Mondeo2130.6%-8.2%39n/an/an/an/a46
50Peugeot 20082110.6%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
n/aVolvo XC401740.5%-38.1%n/a1,9930.7%n/a37n/a
n/aAudi Q51730.5%n/an/a1,6790.6%n/a45n/a
n/aKia Stonic1540.4%-44.2%232,4410.8%0.0%3247
n/aCitroen C31540.4%-43.0%n/a1,8100.6%-45.1%4036
n/aVW T-Cross1170.3%-50.4%n/a1,6470.6%n/a47n/a
n/aVW T-Roc1160.3%-44.2%342,5600.9%-23.0%2733
n/aSeat Arona920.2%n/an/a1,5620.5%n/a50n/a
n/aDacia Sandero860.2%-66.1%n/a2,2660.8%-58.1%3521

Source: SAMAR

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      1. Hi Maciek – living locally (?) would you say the success of the Camry in Poland is due to private sales or do you see lots of Camry taxis for example? Would be interesting to know.

      2. Hi. Yes, I live in Poland.
        I think the sales is generated mainly by private persons.

        I dont see Camry as a Taxi very often.

        I think the popularity of this models is due to:
        1. Strong popularity of Toyota cars in Poland generally.
        2. IT is quite common to import US used cars here in Poland and looking back in the past we have imported many exemplars of previous generations of Camry from USA. So Polish people are very familiar with this car and like Camry.
        3. Camry is the succesor of Toyota Avensis in Europe. Avensis was also quite popular among Poles.

        Greetings from Poland and sorry for my English;)

      3. The Camry is a great car, much more reliable than german cars, Polish people seem to be very expert in vehicles. Greetings!

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