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Ireland September 2013: BMW 5 Series #1 again, Seat Leon #3

BMW 5 Series Ireland September 2013The BMW 5 Series is #1 in Ireland for the 2nd month in a row. Strange? Yep.

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New car sales in Ireland are up a sleek 27% year-on-year in September to a still limited 3,170 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 71,707 units, down 6% on 2012. September is turning out to be BMW’s month in Ireland: while last year the 3 Series was the #1 model in the country, this time it’s the 5 Series that takes this honour thanks to 223 sales and a huge 7% market share. This is the 2nd month in a row the 5 Series tops the sales charts in Ireland which is starting to look rather strange if you ask me. BMW Ireland ignored my query for explanations last month and unless they have secured a big rental or long-term lease contract I’m at a loss to explain this performance. If you know something I don’t, please comment on this article.

Seat Leon Ireland September 2013The Seat Leon is up to #3 this month in Ireland.

The VW Golf ranks #2 and remains #1 year-to-date. With a limited market comes a volatile models ranking, and this month we have a lot of models shooting up the ladder. The Seat Leon is the most spectacular, up 19 spots to land on the third step of the podium with 2.8% share, the Toyota Corolla is up 34 to #5, the Dacia Duster lodges a 2nd month in a row inside the Irish Top 10 at #8, the Nissan Note is up 104 ranks (!) to #11, the VW CC reappears in the ranking directly at #21, the BMW X3 is up 38 to #22, the Seat Toledo up 99 to #28 and the Dacia Sandero is up 9 to a best-ever #37.

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Full September 2013 Top 50 models and Top 30 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

Ireland September 2013 – brands:

12Dacia1213.8%101,1551.6%17 –
22Land Rover200.6%213960.6%2421
28SsangYong30.1%28270.0%28 –
30Alfa Romeo10.0%31130.0%3127

Ireland September 2013 – models:

1BMW 5-Series2237.0%11,5792.2%1015
2VW Golf1253.9%23,4754.8%12
3Seat Leon892.8%225700.8%4265
4Ford Focus882.8%72,7573.8%31
5Toyota Corolla872.7%391,0121.4%2111
6Ford Fiesta852.7%62,3283.2%48
7VW Polo822.6%81,3431.9%1412
8Dacia Duster772.4%48301.2%28 –
9Skoda Octavia752.4%31,9262.7%66
10Kia Sportage742.3%151,3831.9%1220
11Nissan Note662.1%1153490.5%5650
12Toyota Auris632.0%92,1032.9%59
13Opel Astra622.0%191,6952.4%817
14BMW 3-Series541.7%101,0641.5%1932
15Opel Insignia531.7%231,3291.9%1513
16Ford Mondeo521.6%289281.3%2521
17Toyota RAV4521.6%136170.9%3769
18Toyota Yaris471.5%171,6512.3%95
19VW Passat461.5%51,8582.6%77
20Nissan Qashqai451.4%212,9114.1%23
21VW CC441.4% –2990.4%6167
22BMW X3441.4%642120.3%8078
23Toyota Avensis431.4%251,5342.1%114
24Skoda Superb431.4%208771.2%2724
25Nissan Micra411.3%651,1801.6%1623
26Renault Megane401.3%457221.0%3114
27Audi A3381.2%296490.9%3547
28Seat Toledo381.2%1273950.6%49181
29Renault Clio341.1%181,1701.6%1722
30Hyundai i40341.1%161,0571.5%2019
31Seat Ibiza321.0%707131.0%3231
32Citroen C4 Picasso321.0%552690.4%6876
33Peugeot 208300.9%359361.3%24107
34Mercedes E Class300.9%275850.8%4128
35Audi A6290.9%307851.1%2927
36Opel Corsa280.9%389451.3%2318
37Dacia Sandero270.9%463080.4%59 –
38BMW 1-Series260.8%794580.6%4545
39Skoda Fabia250.8%335690.8%4329
40VW Tiguan250.8%414590.6%4442
41Hyundai i30240.8%141,1021.5%1833
42Hyundai ix35220.7%261,3721.9%1316
44Audi A4200.6%129111.3%2626
45Hyundai i20200.6%326110.9%3851
46Hyundai Veloster200.6%831960.3%87118
47Mercedes C Class190.6%673670.5%5540
48Renault Fluence180.6%449521.3%2210
49Audi A1180.6%573280.5%5757

Source:, SIMI

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  1. The Leon is a nice bus and much cheaper than the Golf. The FR model looks great. Isn’t there a facelift 5-Series? The 5 Series always seems very popular and with a lot of them having been sold in 2010 on a 3 year PCP they would have been up for change. They hold their value much better than the 3 Series. They might become beter value in the second hand market if a lot of these 2010s are traded in. But there seems to be a hell of a lot of Pre-Regs for sure.

  2. These 5 series are sitting in dealers in Dublin. They are registered but not sold. There is a market share war in Ireland at the moment. 27% of cars registered in Ireland this September were registered on the last day just to boost figures. The S.I.M.I will not release REAL car sales data in Ireland as REAL sales account for 30% of the market. Most cars registered are Demonstration Models, Rental Cars, Lease cars and Pre Reg deals where the distributor register cars just for market share. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY IRISH NEW CAR SALES DATA!

  3. BMW recently launched the facelifted 5-Series in August in Ireland. They added a new more efficient diesel engine and increased the specification of most models which might explain the boost in sales.

  4. I agree, a fantastic result for the Leon, the Sandero for the Irish and British markets are made in Romania. The Irish certainly like their BMWs.

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