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Greece September 2013: Opel Corsa #1, Audi A3 and Mercedes A-Class shine

Mercedes A Class Audi A3 VW Golf Greece September 2013. Picture courtesy of Auto BildThe VW Golf, Mercedes A-Class and Audi A3 all rank inside the Greek Top 15 this month.

* See the Top 50 best-selling models and Top 30 brands by clicking on the title! Thanks Bill *

The Greek new car market is in positive territory for the 4th time in the last 5 months at +10% year-on-year in September to 3,814 registrations. Don’t be fooled by this shiny result though, as almost half of these sales (44%) are short-term rentals. The market is still down 3% on 2012 anyway at 44,013 units. Excellent month of the Opel Corsa at 8% share and 306 sales, single-handedly pushing Opel up to #1 brand in September at 12% share. The Corsa manages to sell almost twice as many units as the Toyota Yaris, down to #2 this month at 4.2% but still leader year-to-date at 2,764 units and 6.3% vs. 2,422 and 5.5% for the Corsa. The VW Polo is back up 3 spots on August to land on the third step of the podium, a position it also holds year-to-date.

The other great performers in Greece this month are all German: the Ford Fiesta is up a further two spots on August to #5 vs. #10 year-to-date, the Audi A3 is up 6 to #8 vs. #24 year-to-date, the Ford Focus up 3 to #12 vs. #34, Mercedes A-Class up 19 to #14 vs. #31 and the Smart Fortwo is up a massive 37 ranks to #15 vs. #42 year-to-date. Notice also the Kia Rio up 26 to #17, Volvo V40 up 5 to #20, Mini Countryman up 44 to #29, Alfa Romeo MiTo up 11 to #36 and the Mercedes CLA stable at #42 vs. #69 year-to-date.

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Full September 2013 Top 50 models and Top 30 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

Greece September 2013 – brands:

21Alfa Romeo511.3%215201.2%21

Greece September 2013 – models:

1Opel Corsa3068.0%22,4225.5%21
2Toyota Yaris1614.2%12,7646.3%12
3VW Polo1463.8%61,8184.1%34
4VW Golf1293.4%41,4093.2%515
5Ford Fiesta1203.1%71,1432.6%106
6Citroen C31092.9%51,2462.8%73
7Hyundai i201072.8%31,6033.6%49
8Audi A31022.7%146261.4%2440
9Opel Astra892.3%271,1632.6%95
10Toyota Auris882.3%119442.1%1114
11Nissan Qashqai812.1%168361.9%1311
12Ford Focus812.1%154471.0%3426
13Hyundai i30802.1%227741.8%1553
14Mercedes A-Class802.1%334951.1%3143
15Smart Fortwo762.0%523030.7%4234
16Renault Clio752.0%95711.3%2535
17Kia Rio661.7%433940.9%3527
18Skoda Fabia651.7%318121.8%1417
19Skoda Octavia651.7%135131.2%2810
20Volvo V40611.6%255341.2%2668
21Skoda Rapid581.5%185121.2%30 –
22VW Up!571.5%296261.4%2318
23Fiat 500551.4%195301.2%2725
24Fiat Panda531.4%101,2602.9%67
25Nissan Micra531.4%211,2382.8%88
26Toyota Aygo521.4%127271.7%1723
27Suzuki Swift481.3%88772.0%1212
28Lancia Ypsilon451.2%246451.5%2224
29Mini Countryman401.0%731950.4%5749
30Honda Civic391.0%502940.7%4359
31BMW 1-Series371.0%175121.2%2929
32Peugeot 107360.9%642720.6%4520
33Fiat Punto350.9%286901.6%1822
34Peugeot 208350.9%326681.5%2021
35BMW X1350.9%532210.5%5165
36Alfa Romeo Mi.To330.9%471880.4%5955
37Nissan Juke320.8%343380.8%3836
38Seat Ibiza300.8%307551.7%1619
39Volvo S60300.8%452450.6%4938
40Citroen C4290.8%266621.5%2116
41BMW 3-Series290.8%412710.6%4656
42Mercedes CLA290.8%421340.3%69 –
43Hyundai i10280.7%236781.5%1913
44Skoda Citigo240.6%513460.8%3774
45Mercedes B-Class240.6%462230.5%5051
46Chevrolet Spark230.6%363790.9%3644
47Seat Leon220.6%354711.1%3257
48Audi A1210.6%373060.7%4041
49Toyota Avensis210.6%n/a1150.3%7570
50Opel Mokka200.5%491310.3%71n/a
51VW Jetta200.5%63410.1%n/an/a

Source: SEAA

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  1. Good for italian cars in 9 months chart 2013-

    I hope Greeks people stop to maintain German and Merkel economy..

    9months TOP 50 models in GREECE
    Toyota Yaris 2.764
    Opel Corsa 2.422
    VW Polo 1.819
    Hyundai i20 1.603
    VW Golf 1.408
    Citroën C3 1.246
    Nissan Micra 1.238
    Fiat Panda 1.179
    Opel Astra 1.163
    Ford Fiesta 1.143
    Toyota Auris 944
    Suzuki Swift 876
    Nissan Qashqai 836
    Skoda Fabia 812
    Hyundai i30 774
    SEAT Ibiza 755
    Toyota Aygo 727
    Fiat Punto 687
    Hyundai i10 678
    Peugeot 208 668
    Citroën C4 662
    Lancia Ypsilon 645
    VW Up! 626
    Audi A3 609
    Renault Clio 571
    Fiat 500 530
    Skoda Octavia 513
    Skoda Rapid 512
    BMW Serie1 510
    Mercedes Clase A 495
    SEAT León 471
    Suzuki Alto 451
    Ford Focus 447
    Kia Rio 394
    Volvo V40 384
    Chevrolet Spark 380
    Skoda Citigo 346
    Nissan Juke 338
    Alfa Romeo Giulietta 332
    Audi A1 306
    SEAT Mii 305
    Smart ForTwo 301
    Honda Civic 294
    Citroën C1 278
    Peugeot 107 272
    Skoda Yeti 256
    VW Passat 252
    Volvo S60 245
    BMW Serie3 226
    Mercedes Clase B 223

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