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Greece mid-September 2013: Opel leads, Hyundai above Toyota

Opel Mokka Greece September 2013Opel is the most popular brand in Greece so far in September.

* See the Top 15 best-selling brands by clicking on the title! Thanks Bill *

Over the first half of September, new car sales in Greece are down just 0.3% on the same period in 2012 to 1,229 registrations, a very weak figure nevertheless. The year-to-date total now stands at 41,428 units, down 4% on 2012. Finally some good news for Opel in Europe: it leads the Greek market over the period thanks to 166 sales and 13.5% share vs. 9.6% year-to-date, and is followed by Volkswagen at 11.3%. Hyundai is extremely solid again, above 10% share over the period and passing Toyota down from #1 in August to #4 at 9.8%. Notice also Volvo up to #8 vs. #16 year-to-date and Mercedes up to #10 vs. #14 so far in 2013.

Full mid-September 2013 Top 15 brands Ranking Table below. 

Greece mid-September 2013 – brands:

PosBrand1/2 Sept%Aug2013%Pos

Source: SEAA, many thanks to Bill for sharing the data!

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  1. @LesGrossman

    The Volt/Ampera was developed and is built in USA and the battery is provided by LG Electronics. So now you admit that you were wrong.

    You said this: “Opel’s engineering work is much more important than the one of BMW or Mercedes.”

    This is probably the most nonsense statement that i’ve ever read in this blog in the comments section.

  2. @Bryan:

    This is the last post I do! I do not want to compare BMW or Mercedes with Opel…this makes not sense, beacuse BMW or Mercedes are premium brands, Opel is a mainstream brand!
    What I wanted to explain you is that Opel has its own developement and is not simply a rebadged GM brand…so it is a German company (our origin discussion).

    Don’t know what you wanna tell me with this quote about the Volt. Opel has its own testing ground and has tested the Ampera there for itself like GM has tested the Volt in the US. This quote tells nothing about where the battery was developed only where it was tested.

  3. @LesGrossman

    And you’re continually saying lies about the Volt.

    Regarding the battery technology:

    “After the concept was put into the pipeline for production, General Motors began looking for a partner to develop the Volt’s lithium-ion battery pack. The carmaker evaluated about twenty-five different battery cell chemistries and constructions from around two dozen lithium-ion battery makers around the world.[36] Due to their more promising cell technologies, two companies were selected in June 2007, Compact Power (CPI), which uses a lithium manganese oxide (LiMn2O4) cell made by its parent company, LG Chemical; and Continental Automotive Systems, which uses lithium iron phosphate based cylindrical cells made by A123Systems.[36][37][38] By the end of October 2007 CPI (LG Chem) delivered their finished battery pack prototypes, and A123 delivered theirs by January 2008. General Motors testing process was conducted at the laboratory the carmaker had created for the GM EV1 program (GM Lansing Craft Centre, Lansing, Michigan, United States)”

  4. @LesGrossman

    Revenue is more important than total units. Revenue is the money that a company receives, it’s what really matters.

    Vauxhall/Opel sells nothing more than 1.4 million cars a year, BMW in 2012 has sold 1.8 millions units Worldwide and some of its cars are 10x more expensive than crap corsas.

    BMW makes a lot more money, that’s what really matters. Vauxhall/Opel is bankrupt, BMW has done large profits.

    For BMW, it’s really offensive compare it to Opelol.

    Volt was developed and is built entirely in Michigan, United States of America. Voltec technology has nothing of GM Europe.

  5. @Bryan

    I meant importance by numbers of cars which are built and saled (GM sells more than 8 million cars a year, a lot of this cars are based on Opel engineering work), BMW sells 1,5 million cars a year! What has this to do with the price? Opel is a mainstream brand, BMW is premium and semi luxury brand! Sure they offer more advanced technology but you have to pay a lot of more for it.
    Ampera/ Volt (based on Opel Delta platfrom) are built in US. The technology (battery, plug-in) was developed in Rüsselsheim under management of Frank Weber…google it if you want.

    I think you have absolutely no idea of the complexity of modern car industry!

  6. @Bryan

    I mean, Voltec tecnhology.

    “The heart of this car, the battery technology was developed in Rüsselsheim.”

    One more false statement, you’re a little bit confused.

    The battery manufacturer of Volt is LG Electronics (LG Chem).

  7. @LesGrossman

    “Opel’s engineering work is much more important than the one of BMW or Mercedes.”

    WHAT ??

    This is one of the biggest nonsense I’ve ever read.

    This is like saying that Lada is better than Volkswagen or Peugeot-Citroen.

    DAIMLER and BMW are a lot more advanced in all areas of auto engineering and manufacturing than GM Europe, they cannot even be compared, you have no idea what you’re talking about. BMW and DAIMLER revenues are 10x (TEN TIMES) higher than GM Europe/Vauxhall/Opel revenues.

    DAIMLER and BMW are WORLDWIDE leaders in auto tecnhology and luxury, GM Europe/Vauxhall/Opel build nothing more than cheap cars.

    Ford Europe and GM Europe/Vauxhall/Opel are just subsidiares of Ford America and GM America. It’s the same exact thing call it Vauxhall, Opel or GM Europe, just like Daweoo and GM Korea.

    All this subsidiaries are rulled by General Motors and they are entirely owned by AMERICANS.

    What you’re saying about Volt/Ampera is one more false statement from you, Chevrolet Volt is developed and built entirely in Michigan, USA. GM Europe has no particular involvement in Vortec tecnhology.

  8. @Bryan

    I understand very well what you want to say and why you say it. But you never respond to the points/facts I mentioned. You are only talking about your subject feelings.

    The difference between Ford and Opel is that Ford was founded in the US and then expanded in the world! Opel was founded in Germany, then expanded in Germany and in Europe and is owned by General Motors since 1929. BTW Ford-Werke GmbH is also a German company.

    Opel is NOT only a brand/divison like Buick or GMC, it’s an own company (German Aktiengesellschaft). It has one of the most important R&D centers within GM if not the most important. Opel as a brand is not as important as BMW or Mercedes for example and has financial problems. (I can’t see why this should mean that Opel isn’t German!?) That’s right. But Opel’s engineering work is much more important than the one of BMW or Mercedes. Nearly all compact and subcompact Chevys (3rd brand in the world), nearly all Buick (5th brand in China) cars are based on work done in Rüsselsheim by Opel engineers or are simple rebadged Opels (Look for example Buick Regal, Encore, Verano which are rebadged Opel Insignia, Mokka and Astra with over 90% common parts) and not vice versa. Opel was the first German car amke who offered an electric vehicle (Opel Ampera) which was mainly developed in Rüsselsheim.
    And what you don’t understand: All other German companies also have cooperations with other foreign car makers (Mercedes with Reanult/Nissan, BMW with Peugeot and now with Toyota, hole Volkswagen AG with Suzuki) and build their cars/engines around the world! To say Opel is more Italian than German is so ridicoulus, I nearly felt off my chair!

  9. @LesGrossman

    What you can’t understand is this: GM Europe is like Ford Europe. Forget Opel! Vauxhall/Opel is just a brand, it’s just a symbol. GM Europe is like Ford Europe with the only difference that Ford don’t use a symbol other than Ford. It’s just a question of branding, not more than that. Vauxhall/Opel is just a symbol, VOLKSWAGEN, DAIMLER are BMW are some of the most important Auto companies in the WORLD! Opel is nothing alonside this COMPANIES.

    Opel isn’t independent since almost 100 years ago! How the hell don’t you understand this? It’s completly different to own 7% or to own 100% of a company.

    What i’m saying isn’t populism, it’s the truth. Vauxhall/Opel is just a symbol of GM and has nothing to do with VOLKSWAGEN, BMW OR DAIMLER.

    A few decades ago Opel used to be German nowdays is more American or Italian than German.

    Man, VOLKSWAGEN AG or DAIMLER have more revenue in ONE day than Vauxhall/Opel in TEN Days!

  10. @Bryan

    Sorry but what you say is populism and not the fact! Opel is a German company by LAW! Vauxhall is a division/brand by the way. What you mean is General Motors UK Limited which is a subsidary of Adam Opel AG. I know it’s a strange thing. It’s called concern.

    Concerning Agila, Combi, Vivaro you are right! These are rebadged cars from other car maufacturers while Vivaro and Movano are a result of collaboration with Renault. Agila production ends 2014. The collaboration with Suzuki also ends because Suzuki now works with Volkswagen AG. Beside that these cars make perhaps 5% of all Opel sales! Have you ever heard of Mercedes Citan? It’s also jointly developed with Renault and is based on the Renault Kangoo. Mercedes and Renault will expand their collaboration in the future btw. Chevrolet Volt/ Opel Ampera stands on an Opel developed platform. The heart of this car, the battery technology was developed in Rüsselsheim. So it’s not a rebadged Chevy. Cruze (like the most other worldwide sold Chevys) stands on an Opel platform and not vice versa. Most of Cherolets sold in Europe have been reengineered and redesigned in Rüsselsheim by Opel.

    Concerning the Corsa platfrom, here a quote from wikipedia:
    “The Small Platform has been JOINTLY developed by Fiat Group and Opel engineers, for subcompact cars with front wheel drive.”
    Concerning the engines: SOME DIESEL engines were JOINTLY developed with Fiat. As I said before, most of them are still or will be replaced by Opel within the next year.

    In the future Opel will cooperate with PSA to develop platforms, small engines for small cars and MPVs and only for these segments. This is why BMW has cancelled its collaboration with Peugeot. They did the same thing until now. There are some BMW engines which where developd with Peugeot. Now BMW is cooperating with Toyota.
    The rest of Opel and Buick/ some Chevy cars will stand on Delta platform (developed by Opel in Rüsselsheim)

    As you see, ALL car companys have alliances with other car makers. This is quite normal! Now car company can survive without alliances nowadays.

    Concerning Daimler AG and its shareholders another quote from Wikipedia:
    “35.9% Europe (excluding Germany), 33.3% German, 19.5% United States, 7.6% Kuwait, 3.3% Asia, 0.4% Others.” So by your logic Daimler AG is only by one third a German company, am I right?

  11. @LesGrossman

    GM/Vauxhall/Opel isn’t a German company like Volkswagen, Daimler or BMW. It’s completely different. Their roots are German of course, but nowadays is just a symbol.

    GM bought Opel in the 30’s and since then the company has been ruled by Americans.

    Vauxhall/Opel is exactly like Ford Europe, the cars are designed in Germany but the company is ruled by Ford America just like GM Europe.

    Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler are truly German cars. A Skoda is more German than an Opel because a Skoda uses truly German engines and plataforms whereas a Vauxhall/Opel is a mix with parts from companies worldwide.

    Corsa uses the same plataform as Fiat Punto, Astra uses the same plataform as Chevrolet Cruze with Fiat and Isuzu engines, Vivaro is a Renault, Agila is a Suzuki, Combo is a Fiat, Antara is a Daewoo, Ampera is a Chevrolet, etc, etc..

    GM is closing its Bochum plant and the futures Vauxhall/Opels will use Peugeot-Citroen plataforms and engines. So step by step Vauxhall/Opel is becoming even less German than nowadays…


  12. @Bryan

    There is no other German maufacturer (except Porsche) that produces such a high percentage of its cars in Germany like Opel does! All Opel cars except LUVs stand on Opel designed platforms and all of them are designed and engineered in Rüsselsheim as I mentioned before! Btw, Corsa is also built in Eisenach, Germany. Astra ist still built in Rüsselsheim.
    Every other company you mentioned also builds its cars outside of Germany, in Europe and around the world! Welcome to the 21. century!
    Some of Opel’s diesels are still a result of a collaboration with Fiat, but they will be replaced soon within 2013 and 2014!
    BMW is also collaborating with Peugeot/Citreon and with Toyota, Mercedes with Reanult/Nissan and Mitsubishi, Volkswagen with Suzuki…where’s the problem?
    Adam Opel AG (German Aktiengesellschaft) is a German company which is 100% owned by GM. Yes, but what has ownership to do with the origin of a company? Daimler has a public float of more than 80% with investors around the whole world! Does this mean that Daimler AG isn’t a German company anymore? 7% are hold by Arabic investors! So is Daimler an Arabic company?

  13. VeRDe :

    Greece car market is very weak (only 1229 registrations in a 10 million country?) even taking in account the crisis.

    Thats because you haven’t realize the size of economical problems for the Greek people (buyers).

    30% unemployment
    3rd most expensive gas price (1.7euros)
    450euros of basic wage

  14. Greece car market is very weak (only 1229 registrations in a 10 million country?) even taking in account the crisis.

    Thats because you haven’t realize the size of economical problems for the Greek people (buyers).

  15. LesGrossman :
    Wrong! Opel cars are mainly designed and engineered in Opel-HQ, Rüsselsheim (Germany)

    Vauxhall/Opel is totally owned by GM! They aren’t a fully german company. Not even close.

    Corsa, Astra, Agila, Vivaro, Combo, Mokka, etc. aren’t even Made in Germany and their Diesel motors are provided from Fiat, Isuzu, Renault, VM Motori, etc..

    A German Car/Company is Volkswagen or Daimler, Vauxhall-Opel is an American-German-British company, just like Ford Europe.

    Nowdays a Vauxhall-Opel is not more than a symbol of GM with Fiat engines.

  16. yo :
    There are also Greek sales by region but only brandwise.. In the site.
    It’s always interesting to see sales by region like in France..!

    Thanks. Very good info.

    Greece car market is very weak (only 1229 registrations in a 10 million country?) even taking in account the crisis.

    Here the year-to-date ranking of LCV in Greece:


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