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Guest post: Car Dealership Loyalty Programs

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Today, car dealerships are about much more than simply car sales: they’re a one-stop shop for buying and trading vehicles, as well as repairs and maintenance. With people changing their vehicles less frequently, due in part to the troubled economy and the increased reliability of vehicles, dealerships are finding new ways to encourage existing customers to return for servicing and repairs, and to stay loyal to their brand.

The JCB Group are reliable car dealers in Kent, and one of many dealerships running loyalty programs which operate in a similar fashion to those run by hotel chains and airlines. Their program offers a range of customer bonuses and incentives, including priority bookings for services and MOTs, excellent MOT rates for all vehicles, free courtesy cars, ‘recommend a friend’ offers, and free half-hour diagnoses. They also offer seasonal deals, such as pre-holiday full vehicle checks and discounts on seasonal accessories, and discounts for their JCB Service Plan.

These schemes help drivers to save money on essential vehicle maintenance, such as oil changes and tyres, and offer points or credits whenever customers do repeat business, whether buying a new vehicle, or servicing or repairing their current one. The accumulation of points also helps customers to achieve special elite status. In short, customers can save serious money while remaining confident their vehicle is being looked after by dedicated specialist teams.

Loyalty Program Benefits to the Customer 

The benefits of a loyalty scheme such as the JCB Group loyalty card are numerous. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Builds Value: Loyalty schemes offer customers more than just a new vehicle – they help to reduce the overall cost of ownership by offering a full package of servicing and maintenance.
  • Saves Money: Customers can make huge savings by staying loyal to their dealership, with discounts on services, MOTs and parts. They also make savings on those little things that can quickly add up, like new tyres and wheel alignments.
  • Free Stuff: In addition to discounted services, loyalty schemes also offer freebies, like oil changes or a free wash and vac several times a year.
  • Saves Time: Loyalty schemes work to minimise disruption to their customers’ busy lives by offering them a free courtesy vehicle, or a free drop off and pick up service, should they wish to pop to the shops while their vehicle is being worked on.  Or, if they wish to wait at the dealership, they enjoy the use of free Wi-fi and refreshments instead.
  • Peace of Mind: By using their dealership for servicing and repairs, customers know their vehicle is being looked after by dedicated mechanics with an intimate knowledge of their vehicles’ make and model, and original parts will always be used.
  • Rewards: Many loyalty schemes also offer rewards, in the form of points or credits whenever the customer spends money at the dealership, so every penny spent counts towards a larger benefit.

Customers have high expectations when it comes to buying and maintaining a vehicle as it’s generally the second highest purchase you’ll make (after a house). By enrolling in your dealership’s loyalty scheme, you’ll receive a valuable mix of benefits, including a reduction in the overall cost of car ownership, and rewards for staying loyal to their brand.

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