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Guest post: Is it better to buy or lease a car?

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There are a lot of individuals that make the decision to purchase a new car. However, there is a growing population of people who decide that the best way to save money and drive a prestigious car is to instead participate in a new car leasing program. While there are pros and cons concerning both choices, leasing an automobile offers many opportunities for a large part of the population that car ownership does not.

One of the major factors that people must consider when buying or leasing is the amount of money that will be required to operate and maintain an automobile. For those who choose to purchase a car, maintenance costs are something that typically must be paid out of pocket. While most new cars have warranties they may not cover every maintenance issue. In addition, as the car gets older and the warranty runs out the owner is often left to pay for all maintenance costs. In addition, running costs are the responsibility of the owner when a person chooses to purchase an automobile. In return for being solely responsible for these expenses the car owner is able to do virtually anything that he or she wishes to do with the vehicle. The car can be used as desired and can be driven any number of miles without penalty.

However, for those who choose to lease a car many of these costs are covered for them. For example, maintenance costs on leased cars are not the responsibility of the individual whose name appears on the lease agreement. Instead, they are the responsibility of the car dealership that leases the automobile. Therefore, a person who decides to participate in a leasing option such as a Nissan car leasing program at lease cars would not have to pay maintenance costs as long as the mileage is kept at or below a predetermined allowance. This is the primary drawback that many people experience when leasing a car because if the mileage allowance is exceeded the individual must pay the difference. This can quickly become expensive.

For those who do not drive a great deal on a daily basis and can easily stay within the mileage allowance that is provided, virtually all maintenance costs and even some running costs are covered under the lease agreement. For the majority of lease deals the only added expense that must be covered by the individual is for fuel. When coupled with the ability to drive some of the most prestigious cars that grace the road, there is little reason not to choose to lease an automobile.

Also, those who decide to lease a car have the opportunity to choose a new vehicle on a regular basis while saving money under the lease program. Unless the individual in question drives too many miles for the mileage allowance there is really no reason not to lease a car click here.

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