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Media post: Promoting hybrid cars at auto dealerships

Toyota Prius. Picture courtesy of Motortrend.comToyota Prius

Car dealerships often come up with innovative marketing campaigns in order to attract local customers who are interested in buying or leasing new vehicles. Creating special promotions during the holidays has been a traditional advertising practice in the auto industry for decades. However, some car dealers extend such marketing practices to include relatively unknown celebrations and special events. For example, there are some days in the United States that are dedicated towards raising awareness about the environment and the earth.

It makes perfect to sense to promote fuel efficient cars on days that celebrate the earth and inform consumers about environmental issues. Car dealers can create promotional sales events that have “green” themes. For instance, detailed brochures can be printed on 100 percent recycled paper and then given out to customers who are interested in exploring the benefits of hybrid or electric car models. Similarly, small gift bags could also be given out as promotional items at a car dealership. The bags should ideally be made of recycled plastic materials. Ultimately, the focus of such simple marketing campaigns is to get customers to test drive fuel efficient cars.

Video presentations about the latest hybrid and electric technology can be shown in the main lobby of a car dealership that offers special deals during days that raise environmental awareness. Customers should have access to comfortable seats and some refreshments while enjoying brief multimedia shows about the advantages of driving hybrid or electric vehicles.

During a test drive in a hybrid or electric car , customers actually get the chance to confirm the excellent fuel economy. An extra long trip could be taken to show customers how far the test vehicle goes off a single gallon of fuel or an equivalent electrical charge of a built in battery pack. A car such as Prius C and other hybrid vehicles are examples of affordable automobiles that offer excellent fuel economy. To confirm all claims made by auto dealers, customers can explore official fuel economy data that is generated by the EPA, which conducts rigorous testing on all vehicles in the North American auto market.

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