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France 1-18 May 2013: Peugeot 3008 and Citroen C4 impress

Peugeot 3008 France May 2013Will the new gen Peugeot 3008 (China version above) push it up further?

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The situation is getting a tiny bit better in France: from -20% year-on-year as at 13 May it is now down 15% after 18 days to 63,460 registrations, still not great however, granted. The Peugeot 208 holds onto its pole position for now thanks to 4,114 sales and 6.5%, a full two percentage points above its archenemy the Renault Clio IV at 2,862 units. But as you all know by now Renault has the habit of delaying the bulk of its sales up until the last few days of the month so all is not lost yet for the Clio…

Citroen C4 France May 2013Citroen C4

The Peugeot 3008 holds extremely well in third position with 1,655 sales and 2.6% share: if held until the end of the month (unlikely) it would be a new ranking record in the country for the model. The Citroen C4 also holds at sky-high levels in 4th place at 1,577 units and 2.5% as does the Dacia Sandero at #5 with 1,535 sales and 2.4%. Now that its Aulnay factory is freed from strikes, the Citroen C3 creeps back up to #6, while the VW Golf  VII shines at #8 and the Nissan Qashqai keeps on giving at #9, up 12% year-on-year…

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Full 1-18 May 2013 Top 10 models and brands Ranking Tables below.

France 1-18 May 2013 – models:

PosModel1-18 May%/12AprMar2012
1Peugeot 2084,1146.5%new222
2Renault Clio 42,8624.5%new1126
3Peugeot 30081,6552.6%-12%648
4Citroen C41,5772.5%-4%91010
5Dacia Sandero1,5352.4%48%81118
6Citroen C31,5332.4%-38%553
7Renault Mégane1,4942.4%-49%434
8VW Golf 71,4742.3%new7612
9Nissan Qashqai1,4742.3%12%19916
10Peugeot 3081,3952.2%-43%12127

France 1-18 May 2013 – brands:

PosBrand1-18 May%/12

Source: Auto Plus

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  1. Caution! the Peugeot 2008 was released on May 20, will have to wait to July to see their entire month’s sales.

    The Captur has been on sale for weeks before.


  2. @J77
    That’s right, things will most likely work the same for Peugeot. It will be interesting to see the monthly ranking and see how much market share, if any, the Captur and 2008 stole to the Clio and 208.

  3. Steam, Dacia steals sales from Renault since some people consider it as a same make and like it is in South America and Russia, Renault Duster.

  4. @Steam
    Well, as Matt wrote in the article, Renault traditionally scores much better in the second half of the month. As for the Clio, it seems to be quite successful but could it be that maybe its own sister Captur is stealing part of the market?

  5. Renault does not seem to be on the way, a bit surprising since the most importand model (Clio) is new.

    Dacia and Mercedes are the only brands with a positive tendency. Mercedes probably profits from the A-class.

    Lucky Miguel: Only one Volkswagen in the top-ten Ppolo dropped).

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