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France 2005: Scenic #1 in 1st Half, Clio takes the lead in full year

Renault Scenic

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The best selling models followed a particular pattern in France this year: the first half was dominated by the Peugeot 206 (#1 in Jan, Feb & March) and the Renault Scenic, in the lead in April, May and June and #1 overall at the 6 months mark.

Helped by the launch of the 3rd generation, the Renault Clio then took the lead in August and never looked back, even reaching 9.5% market share in November and an advance of 75% over the #2. It grabbed the pole position for the whole year with 132,982 sales and 6.4% share.

Renault Clio III

The Peugeot 206 finishes the year 2nd at 5.8% followed by the Renault Scenic and Peugeot 307 both at 5.5%. The Citroen C3, 5th, reached its best-ever share in May at 4.5%.

The Peugeot 407 is 7th for its first full year, reaching a best-ever 5th place and 4.2% share in May, and the Citroen C4, #8, broke into the Top 10 definitively in January, peaking at 4.1% in February and #6 in October.

Peugeot 1007

The ‘oddity’ of the year is the Renault Modus: after starting like a rocket in late 2004 it only delievered 2 months at #5 (Feb & June) before slipping out of the Top 10 from October onwards. It is 9th overall. Notice the Peugeot 1007 spending 4 months in the Top 20, peaking at #16 and 1.4% in September.

French models did really well this year, with no foreign car managing to rank within the Top 12 in June nor October. The best-selling foreign model for the year is the VW Golf at #11. 2005 is also the year the Dacia Logan launched in France, reaching an outstanding 15th place in November with 2,725 sales (1.6%).

Full Year 2005 Top 150 and every Monthly Top 20 Ranking Table below.

Note: 2005 is the only year where sales of Clio II & III are not differentiated.

You can check out each and every Monthly Top 20 for 2005 here: France 2005 By Month

France Full Year 2005:

1Renault Clio (II+III)132,9826.4%-3%137,5476.8%2
2Peugeot 206119,9075.8%-21%151,2507.5%1
3Renault Scenic113,4885.5%-9%124,3116.2%4
4Peugeot 307113,4845.5%-15%133,9566.7%3
5Citroen C379,2593.8%-9%86,8754.3%6
6Renault Mégane74,8853.6%-24%98,9634.9%5
7Peugeot 40768,1303.3%83%37,2111.8%11
8Citroen C463,7983.1%831%6,8530.3%59
9Renault Modus61,8773.0%94%31,9461.6%12
10Renault Twingo45,5942.2%-4%47,6992.4%8
11VW Golf (incl. Golf Plus)41,8022.0%-2%42,7042.1%10
12Renault Laguna40,1401.9%-15%47,1142.3%9
13Citroen Xsara Picasso39,6231.9%-29%55,6042.8%7
14Ford Fiesta29,9111.4%2%29,3401.5%15
15VW Polo29,6511.4%-1%29,8771.5%14
16Opel Astra27,6911.3%32%20,9121.0%26
17Citroen C227,5551.3%-12%31,3321.6%13
18Citroen C525,5211.2%-7%27,5861.4%16
19Toyota Yaris24,9491.2%-8%27,1101.3%18
20Ford C-Max24,8701.2%-10%27,5481.4%17
21Renault Kangoo24,1921.2%-6%25,8181.3%20
22Opel Zafira24,1821.2%-1%24,5191.2%23
23Ford Focus24,0601.2%13%21,2341.1%25
24VW Touran23,7501.1%7%22,2331.1%24
25Opel Meriva20,8621.0%-20%25,9621.3%19
26Opel Corsa20,5881.0%-17%24,9051.2%21
27VW Passat20,4681.0%29%15,9100.8%33
28Renault Espace19,1120.9%-22%24,5301.2%22
29Audi A417,9930.9%22%14,7620.7%35
30Nissan Micra17,9140.9%11%16,1060.8%31
31Citroen Berlingo17,8720.9%-7%19,2501.0%28
32Peugeot 100717,8470.9%new00.0% –
33Audi A317,6910.9%25%14,1600.7%36
34Mercedes Classe A16,8780.8%51%11,1690.6%40
35Fiat Panda15,5290.8%13%13,7030.7%38
36Seat Ibiza15,4450.7%-15%18,0920.9%29
37Peugeot Partner13,9770.7%14%12,3020.6%39
38Toyota Corolla Verso13,7210.7%60%8,5750.4%47
39Mercedes Classe C13,2250.6%-20%16,4920.8%30
40Toyota RAV412,7100.6%-8%13,8440.7%37
42BMW Serie 312,0210.6%-25%16,0540.8%32
43Fiat Punto11,5030.6%-28%15,8830.8%34
44Dacia Logan9,7580.5%new00.0% –
45Ford Fusion9,5950.5%24%7,7630.4%52
46Peugeot 6079,5720.5%33%7,2150.4%56
47BMW Serie 19,5200.5%192%3,2560.2%86
48Toyota Corolla9,4980.5%30%7,3230.4%n/a
49Nissan X-Trail9,0950.4%-8%9,9180.5%43
50Peugeot 8078,8010.4%-12%9,9850.5%42
51Toyota Avensis8,2260.4%2%8,0260.4%51
52Ford Mondeo8,1410.4%-6%8,6430.4%46
53Peugeot 1078,0930.4%new00.0% –
54Toyota Land Cruiser7,8500.4%-4%8,1790.4%48
55Alfa Romeo 1477,8140.4%16%6,7430.3%59
56Seat Altea7,3920.4%68%4,4100.2%70
57Citroen C87,1940.3%-1%7,2940.4%55
58VW Fox7,0640.3%new00.0% –
59Mercedes Classe E6,9660.3%-23%9,0940.5%45
60Smart Fortwo6,8680.3%-8%7,4560.4%53
61Skoda Octavia II6,7010.3%201%2,2250.1%99
62BMW X36,6980.3%56%4,2860.2%71
63Hyundai Tucson6,6910.3%287%1,7300.1%n/a
64Audi A66,6120.3%38%4,8030.2%69
65Kia Picanto6,3930.3%84%3,4690.2%81
66Hyundai Getz6,3560.3%-22%8,1360.4%49
67Seat Leon6,2860.3%9%5,7630.3%64
68BMW Serie 56,2710.3%-9%6,9190.3%57
69Opel Vectra6,1820.3%-24%8,0850.4%50
70Mercedes Classe B5,8440.3%new00.0% –
71Citroen C15,8310.3%new00.0% –
72Renault Trafic5,8090.3%15%5,0490.3%68
73Skoda Fabia5,5970.3%-3%5,7830.3%63
74Renault Vel Satis5,4110.3%3%5,2300.3%65
75Smart Forfour5,0800.2%24%4,1080.2%74
76Suzuki Swift4,8430.2%new00.0% –
77Hyundai Santa Fe4,6490.2%-28%6,4840.3%60
78BMW X54,4820.2%-11%5,0580.3%67
80Fiat Stilo4,0360.2%-38%6,4600.3%61
81VW Touareg4,0270.2%15%3,4980.2%79
82Suzuki Jimny3,9850.2%18%3,3850.2%83
83Daewoo Kalos3,8920.2%16%3,3630.2%84
84Fiat Idea3,8470.2%-37%6,0890.3%62
85Kia Sorento3,6650.2%83%2,0080.1%n/a
86Mercedes Classe M3,6370.2%-7%3,9010.2%75
87Hyundai Matrix3,5950.2%2%3,5360.2%78
88Nissan Pathfinder3,4210.2%new00.0% –
89Ford Ka3,3840.2%6%3,1780.2%88
90Toyota Aygo3,3560.2%new00.0% –
91Citroen Xsara3,1330.2%-84%20,1951.0%27
92Suzuki Grand Vitara2,9320.1%-43%5,1150.3%66
93SsangYong Rexton2,9320.1%688%3720.0%n/a
94Land Rover Freelander2,9190.1%-18%3,5520.2%77
95Fiat Grande Punto2,9160.1%new00.0% –
96Suzuki Ignis2,8720.1%-1%2,8890.1%89
97Alfa Romeo 1562,8570.1%-32%4,2000.2%72
98Fiat Multipla2,8400.1%53%1,8610.1%n/a
99Volvo V502,8180.1%29%2,1910.1%100
100Nissan Tino2,7800.1%-20%3,4580.2%82
101Volvo XC902,7770.1%29%2,1590.1%n/a
102Mercedes CLK2,7500.1%-23%3,5870.2%76
103Honda CR-V2,7460.1%385%5660.0%n/a
104Kia Sportage2,7260.1%new00.0% –
106Opel Tigra2,7070.1%335%6230.0%n/a
107Honda Jazz2,6790.1%23%2,1850.1%n/a
108Mitsubishi Pajero2,6350.1%-36%4,1310.2%73
109Toyota Prius2,5900.1%329%6040.0%n/a
110Chrysler PT Cruiser2,4370.1%-26%3,2830.2%85
111Fiat Doblo2,3840.1%-3%2,4670.1%96
112Alfa Romeo GT2,2850.1%24%1,8470.1%n/a
113Saab 9-32,2840.1%-11%2,5790.1%93
114Mitsubishi Colt2,2680.1%115%1,0560.1%n/a
115VW Caddy2,1810.1%60%1,3610.1%n/a
117Chevrolet Matiz2,1190.1%20%1,7730.1%n/a
118Skoda Octavia2,0780.1%-36%3,2540.2%87
119Lancia Ypsilon2,0610.1%1%2,0310.1%n/a
120VW New Beetle1,9850.1%-21%2,5090.1%95
121Ford Galaxy1,9780.1%-7%2,1220.1%n/a
122VW Transporter1,9120.1%31%1,4650.1%n/a
123Nissan Terrano1,8990.1%-26%2,5540.1%94
124Chrysler Voyager1,8850.1%10%1,7170.1%n/a
125Mercedes SLK1,8630.1%-12%2,1120.1%n/a
126Lancia Musa1,8570.1%477%3220.0%n/a
127Volvo V701,8430.1%4%1,7790.1%n/a
128Kia Carnival1,8240.1%21%1,5070.1%n/a
129Nissan Primera1,7640.1%-16%2,0950.1%n/a
130Opel Agila1,7570.1%-37%2,7690.1%91
131Jeep Cherokee1,7050.1%39%1,2260.1%n/a
132Volvo S601,6920.1%-27%2,3220.1%98
133Lada Niva1,5730.1%21%1,2970.1%n/a
134Hyundai Trajet1,5580.1%-27%2,1310.1%n/a
135Volvo S401,5350.1%-47%2,8750.1%n/a
136Mercedes CLS1,5170.1%364%3270.0%n/a
137VW Sharan1,5170.1%-8%1,6540.1%n/a
138Toyota Yaris Verso1,5020.1%-6%1,6060.1%n/a
139Seat Toledo1,4820.1%22%1,2110.1%n/a
140Jeep Grand Cherokee1,4640.1%-4%1,5280.1%n/a
141Nissan Murano1,4400.1%new00.0% –
142Land Rover Discovery1,4040.1%156%5490.0%n/a
143Suzuki Vitara1,3830.1%-19%1,7140.1%n/a
144Seat Cordoba1,2920.1%-28%1,8020.1%n/a
145Honda Civic1,2840.1%-8%1,4030.1%n/a
146Suzuki Grand Vitara 21,2420.1%new00.0% –
147Range Rover Sport1,2200.1%new00.0% –
148Porsche Cayenne1,2060.1%-7%1,2930.1%n/a
149Kia Cerato1,1480.1%53%7520.0%n/a
150Suzuki Wagon R+1,1480.1%-45%2,1030.1%n/a

Source: Auto Moto, Wikipedia, thanks to STAC for the tip!

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