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Germany Private Sales Full Year 2012: Toyota Yaris & VW Up! shine

Toyota Yaris Germany 2012The Toyota Yaris just stopped short of the Top 10 with Germany private buyers.

* See the Top 40 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to JKLN *

Thanks to JKLN I am able to share with you a full Top 40 models ranking to private buyers in Germany and once again it is a fascinating ranking, because extremely different from the usual successful models we are used to see in Germany. And these are what people really buy! The VW Golf is still on top but with a relatively low 32% Private Sales ratio at 76,302 sales, and is followed by the VW Polo at 47,128 units and a strong 62% PS ratio. The two models breaking records last year in the overall ranking find themselves doing even better with private buyers: the Mercedes B-Class is up from #7 to #3 with private buyers with 37,672 sales and 63% PS ratio, and the VW Tiguan is up from #11 to #4 at 31,589 units and 57% PS ratio.

VW Up Germany 2012The VW Up! is… well up to #7 with private buyers

The BMW 1 Series is doing extremely well with private buyers: up from #8 to #5 with 25,296 sales compared to the Audi A3 falling down from #18 to #32 at only 25% PS ratio. Launched this year, the VW Up! is an instant success with Germany private buyers: up from #20 to #7 at 23,906 units. If in the general ranking there are only 5 foreign models in the Top 30 (and 2 if we exclude VAG-owned Skoda and Seat), private buyers are much more fond of exoticism and place : the Skoda Fabia is up from #20 to #8, the Skoda Octavia up from #17 to #9 and the Toyota Yaris up from #38 to #11 at an excellent 72% PS ratio.

VW Passat Germany 2012Only 10% of VW Passats sold in Germany in 2012 were sold to private buyers.

If we only look at the Private Sales ratio, the best performer in the Top 40 is the Dacia Sandero at 89% (#29) followed by the Dacia Duster at 84% (#18). Also doing well are the Skoda Yeti at 69% (#22), Audi Q3 at 61% (#20), Hyundai ix35 at 61% also (#31) and the Smart Fortwo at 60% (#12). On the other end of the spectrum, only 1 in 10 VW Passats sold in Germany are bought by private buyers, down from #2 to #38, while the Audi A4 (16%), BMW 5 Series (17%) and BMW 3 Series (22%) also not a hit with private buyers.

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Full Year 2012 Top 40 models Ranking Table below.

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