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Sweden December 2012: Volvo S/V60 at highest share ever

Volvo V60

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* You can see the Full Year 2012 Swedish post here *

Yes this is it! Final 2012 sales figures have now started to trickle down and this year you are in for an extra treat! On top of the traditional monthly articles I will also create a Full Year 2012 post for most countries updated monthly on BSCB. Sweden is the first cab off the rank, with new car sales encouragingly up 5% year-on-year in December to 26,687 registrations. Volvo has an outstanding month: the V70 sells 2,558 units for a 9.6% market share, its strongest since December 2010, while the S/V60 ranks #2 with 2,244 sales and 8.4%, the nameplate’s highest share ever, beating the 6.9% the V60 hit in November 2011.

Hyundai i20

The Ford Focus also shines, up 3 spots on November to #5 at 907 units and 3.4%. A disappointing showing for the Volvo V40 however, down 2 ranks and one full percentage point on last month to #9 with 532 sales and 2%. Within the Top 20, great performers also include the Toyota Avensis up 12 spots to #14, the Peugeot 508 up 2 to #16, Hyundai i20 up 18 to #36 and the Opel Astra is up 16 to #19.

Hyundai i40

Further down, notice the Hyundai i40 up 29 ranks to #23 and 4 models reappearing in the Top 50 this month: the Chevrolet Cruze at #26, the Mercedes A-Class at #34, Hyundai Santa Fe at #43 and the Mitsubishi Outlander at #48.

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Full December 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Sweden December 2012:

1Volvo V702,5589.6%121,8227.8%11
2Volvo S/V602,2448.4%214,3015.1%34
3VW Passat1,6246.1%316,2635.8%22
4VW Golf1,1434.3%411,2744.0%43
5Ford Focus9073.4%85,6062.0%710
6Toyota Yaris6042.3%134,6051.6%924
7Kia Cee’d5942.2%57,0182.5%56
8Volvo XC605672.1%66,3962.3%68
9Volvo V405322.0%73,2961.2%25 –
10Hyundai i305191.9%253,7001.3%2125
11Skoda Fabia4931.8%164,0711.5%1513
12VW Polo4591.7%93,8761.4%1814
13BMW 3-Serie4571.7%125,2151.9%815
14Toyota Avensis4531.7%263,7541.3%2026
15Renault Mégane4461.7%114,3581.6%129
16Peugeot 5084211.6%183,3841.2%2441
17BMW 5-Serie3861.4%144,5691.6%1111
18Hyundai i203741.4%362,5750.9%3136
19Opel Astra3501.3%352,4460.9%3321
20Skoda Octavia3281.2%173,7971.4%1916
21Nissan Qashqai2961.1%223,8861.4%1720
22VW Tiguan2811.1%203,5041.3%2333
23Hyundai i402681.0%522,1630.8%3776
24Audi A32551.0%232,8491.0%2731
25BMW X32541.0%411,8110.6%4252
26Chevrolet Cruze2500.9%n/a1,0060.4%74n/a
27Peugeot 2082490.9%271,8170.7%41 –
28Mercedes E Class2480.9%292,5880.9%3023
29Mercedes C Class2270.9%193,5871.3%2217
30Audi A42180.8%104,5801.6%107
31Audi A62160.8%214,1021.5%1419
32Citroen C32110.8%421,5030.5%4748
33Toyota Auris2020.8%402,5750.9%3218
34Mercedes A Class1880.7%n/a9820.4%76n/a
35Renault Clio1840.7%154,1271.5%1312
36BMW 1-Serie1800.7%392,3690.8%3440
37Fiat Ducato1780.7%n/a2,6861.0%2928
38Toyota Prius1720.6%371,4680.5%4878
39Mercedes GLK1650.6%n/a1,3140.5%5381
40Kia Rio1610.6%322,1490.8%38105
41Citroen C41560.6%331,9390.7%4035
42Honda CR-V1500.6%341,2240.4%5858
43Hyundai Santa Fe1470.6%n/a6360.2%n/a
44Mini Cooper1440.5%441,0510.4%7162
45Mercedes B Class1410.5%n/a1,5040.5%4670
46Subaru Legacy1390.5%312,2210.8%3638
47Hyundai ix351390.5%481,3220.5%5243
48Mitsubishi Outlander1320.5%n/a9090.3%7980
49Skoda Superb1280.5%432,0230.7%3934
50Ford Fiesta1260.5%382,2270.8%3532


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