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Philippines Full Year 2012: Toyota leads, Mitsubishi at world best

The Philippines is the country of Jeepneys!

* See the Top 18 best-selling brands by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Michael *

New car sales are on fire in the Philippines: 2012 is a record year, up 11% year-on-year to 182,955 registrations and beating the 2010 record of 168,490 units by nearly 15,000 sales! Only a brands ranking is available for now for the Philippines which is a country I am hoping to be able to visit this year… Toyota is ultra-dominant as usual with 65,026 sales and 35.5% share, ahead of Mitsubishi at 34,915 units and 19.1%- making the Philippines Mitsubishi’s best country in the world once again. Hyundai rounds up the podium and is the only other carmaker above 10% share at 21,996 sales and 12%. Honda, Isuzu and Ford follow, Kia impresses at +57% to 7,527 units while Lexus is up 40% to 340 sales.

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Full Year 2012 Top 18 brands Ranking Table below.

Philippines Full Year 2012 – brands:

8Nissan (UMC)4,9592.7%4232.5%8
12Nissan (NMPI)1,4450.8%1100.6%12

Source:, many thanks to Michael for the tip!

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  1. @Fernando P
    Filipinos prefer to see the vehicle in metal than in the internet though internet gives them the idea how it looks at a glance. Usually, large dealers have plenty of stocks compared to smaller ones while most highend luxury models are available in a pre-order basis.

  2. Nice post, good to know that sales are on the rise in the Philippines. I will be moving back in near future and I’m contemplating if I want to continue to pursue work in automotive. Maybe you can enlighten me on how everything works in the Philippines when it comes to auto sales. For example I searched online and found out that dealerships are not actually putting their inventory online, some but not all. Are they aware that internet users in the Philippines are rising rapidly? Or is it because Pinoys prefer going to dealership to look at cars? Or they have not tap into that market? I have put on inquiries on several websites and few have responded and all them took more than 24 hrs to respond from my email, some emails bounced back. hahaha haven’t they heard of auto response?

  3. Thanks for the post! Looking forward to visiting the Philippines! Although in Manila there is a mix of different vehicles, other provinces and cities have different ones. Tell me so I can help you on what cars to expect and what places you are visiting.

    Best regards

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