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Philippines First Half 2019: Nissan up 59.3% in market back up (+1.9%)

Almost half of all Nissans sold in the Philippines is a Navara.

Now updated with the H1 Top 10 brands.

In June, new vehicle sales in the Philippines gain 4.5% on May to 35.100 units, including 19.460 LCVs (Pickups, SUVs and vans), 11.040 passenger cars, 3.387 MPVs, 582 light trucks and 621 medium and heavy trucks/buses. Toyota continues to suffocate the brands ranking with 41.4% share ahead of Mitsubishi (15.1%) and Nissan (11%) with Hyundai (8.2%) and Suzuki (6.1%) ensuring the Top 5 brands are all Asian for the month.

Over Q2 2019, Philippines new vehicle sales edge up 3.5% year-on-year and 0.3% on Q1 to 97.744 units. 55.006 are LCVs (pickups, SUVs and vans), 30.414 are passenger cars, 8.757 MPVs, 1.754 light trucks and 1.813 medium and heavy trucks/buses. Toyota leads with 40.7% share love Mitsubishi (15.3%), Nissan (10%), Hyundai (7.9%) and Suzuki (6.1%) with Ford, Honda and Isuzu the only additional carmakers securing more than 1% share.

First Half 2019 new vehicle sales in the Philippines are up 1.9% year-on-year to 195.057 units. This includes 131.708 commercial vehicles and 63.349 passenger cars. Among commercial vehicles we have 108.111 LCVs, 16.147 MPVs, 3.778 Light Trucks and 3.672 Medium and Heavy Trucks/Buses. Below Toyota (+0.4%) and Mitsubishi (-8.7%) both losing share, Nissan (+59.3%) is the best performer in the Top 8 by far, overtaking Hyundai for third place overall while Ford (-10.2%) manages to hold off a resurgent Suzuki (+14.4%) to remain at #5 for now. Honda (-17.4%) and Isuzu (-13.7%) are both in great difficulty over the period.

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Full June Top 5 brands, Q2 Top 8 and H1 2019 Top 10 brands below.

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