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Norway Full Year 2012: VW Tiguan and Nissan Leaf impress

Norwegian sales of VW Tiguan are up 46% in 2012

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Because of a horrendous month of December (-19%), new car sales in Norway finish the year down 0.3% to 137,967 registrations. The VW Golf is the most popular model in the country for the 5th consecutive time but lodges its weakest market share since 2008 at 6,313 units and 4.6%, down 14% on 2011. It was #1 every month except December (Volvo V70)June (Ford Focus) and February (Toyota Avensis). In fact all models on the podium see their sales drop this year: the Ford Focus is up one spot to #2 but down 4% and the VW Passat is down 10% at #3.

The Toyota Yaris doubles its sales in Norway this year

The most impressive performer in Norway this year is the VW Tiguan, up 9 ranks and 46% to rank #4 with 3,879 sales and 2.8%. It reached a best-ever #2 spot in April. Two additional models gain ground in the Top 10 this year: thanks to the new generation and the new hybrid variant, sales of Toyota Yaris simply double this year to 3,715 units at #7, and the Volvo V60 is up 3 spots and 8% to #9 with 2,860 sales.

Norway is the only country in the world where the Nissan Leaf broke into the monthly Top 10

Four models break into the year-end Norwegian Top 20 for the first time in 2012. Launched at the end of 2011, the Nissan Leaf has fully benefited from the preferential treatment given to low-emission vehicles in Norway: it ranks #13 for its first full year of sales at 2,298 units and 1.7% and even broke into the Top 10 of any market in the world for the first time here in Norway last October at #9. The Toyota Prius surfs on the same wave (and is helped by the new + version): it gains 59%to #14 and even ranked #3 in September!

Subaru XV

The Subaru XV lands directly at #15 with 2,191 sales, peaking at #6 in August and September. Finally the BMW X3 is up 19 ranks to #16. Brand-wise, Volkswagen remains the clear leader at around 15% market share and even monopolises the Norwegian podium twice this year: in April and November. Toyota is #2 at 12.3% (+11%), while Volvo passes Ford at 8.4% (-4%) vs. 8% (-15%). Mitsubishi, #7 last year, disappears from the Top 10 because of the ASX at -52%, Audi is up 13% to #5, BMW up 16% to #6, Nissan up 14% to #8 and Mercedes up 24% to #10. Outside the Top 10, notice Kia up a huge 88% at #12, Subaru up 50% and Mazda up 66%.

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