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Monaco Full Year 2012: Audi in the lead, Porsche up 71% to #3!

Porsche Carrera GT. Picture by Raphael Belly, all rights reserved.

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Thanks to a secret admirer of BSCB, I can share with you an exclusive all-brands ranking for the Principality of Monaco, one of the richest countries in the world. The all-models ranking will follow soon. BSCB is the only place online to give you detailed sales info about Monaco, always a fascinating market to follow as prestige brands are at their world best here. New car sales are down slightly in 2012 to 2,402 registrations (-5% on 2011), but far from the drama in neighbouring France (-14%) and Italy (-19%)

After a 2011 ranking biased by the royal wedding that put BMW at #1, 2012 is back to ‘normal’ in the Principality. Well that is, if you consider Audi, Mercedes and Porsche being the most popular carmakers a normal situation. #2 halfway through the year, Audi benefits from a very strong 2nd half to take the lead with 373 sales and 15.5% share.

Audi R8. Picture by Loic Parent, all rights reserved.

Mercedes follows suit with sales up 3% also to 315 units and 13.1%. But the best performance in the Top 10 is delivered by Porsche, up a massive 71% and 3 spots to climb onto the year-end podium thanks to 193 sales and 8% share… BMW comes back to earth, down 55% and 3 ranks to #4, while Volkswagen at #5 (+8%) and Mini at #6 (-2%) both fall back one spot. Land Rover (+7%) and Fiat (-23%) round up the Top 10.

Ferrari Enzo. Picture by Willem Rodenburg, all rights reserved.

Outstanding performance of Ferrari, up a formidable 27% year-on-year to land in 11th place at 62 units and 2.6%, by far its best result in the world. Ferrari now outsells all French manufacturers, with Renault at #12, Peugeot at #13 and Citroen at #14. This is an amazing feat as Monaco is nestled within France and culturally considered as part of the country, with the Monaco soccer team evolving in the French championship for example. However none of the 3 French carmakers have a dealership in Monaco, which makes it harder for them to compete here.

Bentley Muslanne. Picture by kaboem, all rights reserved.

Among the brands doing extremely well in Monaco this year, a large majority belong to the prestige segment. Bentley is up a whopping 63% year-on-year and 4 spots to #16 with 52 sales and 2.2%, just below Ford and double the score of Nissan and Kia… Rolls-Royce is also up 63% to #28, McLaren up a huge 300% to #30 with 12 units sold and Lamborghini up 125% to #33 at 9 sales. Fisker (4 units) and Koenigsegg (one) are new in the ranking.

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